Can’t Nobody stop 2NE1

Here’s 2NE1’s third video to complete their comeback:

As expected, the girls are freaking awesome: CL looks fierce; Dara looks cool while Bom is just so gorgeous–but the best transformation has to be the baby of the group, Minzy. When 2NE1 started out about a year ago, Minzy was the most child-like. She looked boyish yet feminine at the same time.

But this time around–? Minzy is smoking hot! Her curves has finally developed and she grew her hair long. The fact that she dances really sick adds further to her appeal.

2NE1 really defies the definition of a typical Korean girl group. They are gritty and confident of their sexuality. As always, CL, my favorite member, blows me away with her talent but for this video, it is Minzy who really shines through. She has grown up to be a very pretty lady and I am sure she’ll break a lot of fanboys’ hearts.

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