My latest sin: COVET

I seriously covet this:

My dilemma is that Greenwich (the pizza company) has conveniently did not include any promo inclusion dates, meaning–these babies are on a LIMITED EDITION basis. So, if some crazed E-Heads fan will buy a lot of these in a single day: I AM FREAKING DOOMED.

Eraserheads is the band which accompanied me in the midst of the confusing, tempestuous embarrassing years of college. The songs, “Pare Ko”, “With a Smile” and “Huwag Mo nang Itanong” were my top 3 in the entire catalogue. Seeing the promo, I knew I have to have this or else, I will grow old and not have something cool to show my kids to further prove that their mom was cool and oh-so-chill when she was young.


I am computing in my head, if I can probably skip some bills this 15th and buy this instead (how responsible right?) In my mind, I am not responsible for this period for our rent and our electricity so I am not risking a life of mendicancy and vagrancy, or a month without electricity. I am thinking of skipping my insurance payments but then again, I am afraid that I may die next week, without insurance to tide my hubby.

While accessing my virtual phonebook in my brain, I keep thinking if I know someone who works for Greenwich marketing and PR–but no dice 😦

So, the conclusion is that I either plunge head on and forgot about bills and worries and buy this outright.

That’s the only solution I guess?

Oh, how am I gonna get my hands on this treasure? Help, anyone?

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