It’s confirmed: JGS to play another rocker

A few weeks ago, I railed against Jang Geun Seok’s less-than-adorable hairstyle that he’s been rocking these days. I also mentioned that the very pretty man-child is currently looking on the script for a new drama where he will play a musician (again).

Now it’s confirmed.

In the new drama, “Mary is Staying Out Overnight”, JGS will essay the role of the lead singer of an indie rock band. The drama is about this a girl named Jung-in who has never been in a romantic relationship but in spite this, had two fake marriages with two separate guys, a perfectionist and a leader singer of a band, with completely different personalities.

It seems the current “It Boy” of the Korean entertainment has taken a liking to playing musicians on the small screen (he plays a (child prodigy) dancer in Kimi Wa Petto by the way). If you ask me, I’d rather that this will be his last musician role, then he move on to other roles.

One, I don’t want him typecasted into the emo rockstar. Two, considering his talent–he should be given the challenge of playing a wide range of roles. Three, it’ll be an insult for someone like him to be stuck in one role forever. Thing is, I see in Jang Geun Seok the depth that is also visible in Matsumoto Jun. (Yes, it’s my uncanny talent to make singit MatsuJun’s name in everything).

At his young age (23? 24?) there will be a myriad of roles waiting for him.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Lani-Kun…YOU have officially made my monday! Oh, be still my beating heart! JGS!

  2. yzahbelle chloe says:

    okei.. ive been drooling over with this guy since i’ve finished youre beautiful…then i learned that he will portraying jun-kun’ kimi wa petto?!!? and he is the first choice to play joon pyo (but turned it down for beehoven virus)…is it me or he is going the same path matsumoto-sama’s been..

    okei… the hair …they both have list of hairstyles
    clothes… more stylist than others…
    photos….smexy and oozing with hotness (kinda erotic way)
    weight, accesories, etc…

    i cant help to think that he is MATSUMOTO JUN of Korea…
    but hey i loved him! and if evr the time that the topic is him vs my hime….
    maybe still Matsujun all the way!

    btw. thanks! and nice blog~ 🙂

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Thank you for your comments!
      It could be–after all, JGS is the most talented actor of HIS generation. And I will stand by that statement 🙂
      I agree on your observations that he is going through the MatsuJun route. That’s why I am excited to see his future roles.

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