Clap your hands for 2NE1!

As far as I am concerned, only one Korean girl band is worth the adulation:

I don’t like dem girl banders with the predilection for pink, for those who go the Lolita route, for those who make pa-cute. I don’t like girl banders who changes image as often as the tides change.

I want my girl band to be rough, to be tough cookies yet sexy and sultry still.

I like them as 2NE1.

Shall I say that Sandara Park is looking lovelier than ever but my favorite 2NE1 remains CL (Lee Chae Rin). She is just too gritty and too raw, talented and cool all at the same time. Plus her taste in clothes was just too out there, to edgy — setting her and the rest of the members apart from the usual girlie girls.

Check out this mean video “Go Away” starring my girl, CL. You go girl!

The men can have all their pseudo-Lolitas in pink, I am happy and contented with my 2NE1.

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