A Thursday night trip to the Meat Market!

This is for all the times the Pinoy men hollered at you, whistled while you struggle with the god-damned skirt while crossing the street or made catcalls when you stagger out of the house in your tricky f*ck me shoes and too-short black dress.

This is for all the times that he promised he’ll call, made you hope that there is something behind the smile, or for the times he winked at you–only to look away.

This is for all the times he’d said he’ll always be there…

The ladies had their revenge last Thursday night, during the annual meat fest for Fun, Fearless Pinays, more popularly known as the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2010 held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Philippines. I was fortunate enough to get hold of VIP tickets, courtesy of the generous friends from PMP Communications. (Guys! I have yet to shower you with appreciation for this generosity!). Guys, this annual gathering of hot blooded, estrogen-laden females is our version of International Car Shows (featuring the latest auto models) and of Comic-Con proportions.

So, yesterday–it was all about the girls! The presence of anyone belonging to the male species was almost non-existent–save for the burly bouncers and for the guys giving out food and drinks to the excited throng of females, anticipating the appearance of guys. guys…GUYS!!!


And do you know this guy? He’s from the Philippine version of Big Brother and while inside the house, he had the reputation of being the biggest flirt ever. He made a lot of girls cry inside the house–making even one brainy girl go all mental on him when she was given the heave-ho (he moved on to another girl).

I didn’t liked him at all when he was at the Big Brother house, but when I saw him last Thursday and asked for a quick pic, he was nice enough to oblige.(Well, he is indeed nice cos he was game about women pawning on him) Who wouldn’t like that? And so —

so I just have to have a pic taken with him!!!

But if you think that he is my biggest indulgence last night, then you are sadly mistaken. This guy, Manuel Chua Jr of Pinoy Fear Factor, was the one who made me scream the loudest and jump in utter, utter joy. Sadly, I do not have his picture as my camera refused to function properly from afar.

How can I describe the sheer pandemonium accorded by the women on these gorgeous men candy? It’s pure chaos — it’s like unleashing a hungry kid on a candy store. Well applauded was Daniel Matsunaga, Baron Geisler, Sam Milby, Matteo Guidicelli and Christian Bautista.

The great thing about the tickets that I got was that it was VIP–so we skipped the long lines, had access to free food and booze and had our seats near the stage. The girls and I will be looking forward to next year’s Bachelor Bash.

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