“…what peace there maybe in silence”

It’s funny how people tend not to notice you when you keep silent.
There are days when all you’ve ever wanted is to shut up and step away from the chaos of the world. In as much as I am a creature of chaos (I am not dubbed the “clumsiest bitch ever” for nothin’) — sometimes, I just want to shut up and just let things be. It’s how I find peace, even if I am amidst people.

When things go so unbelievably wrong and confusing, my solution always is to keep quiet. And so, I stop talking (butting in only when it’s necessary or when the conversation is too good to pass up). As expected, shutting up has this therapeutic effect on me. Like, being able to see things in perspective. Assess and observe. Like as of expected of me, I am that type of person that is easily carried away by the hype and the noise and the klieg lights. My flighty nature has shaped me to be easily swayed by the loud noise and the hype. So, today–I am shutting up. (Not to mention, I am saving my shrieks for the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2010 happening this night).

So, what did I realized while being quiet?

1. Not all things look like they seem — sometimes, it’s seeing the big picture. Removing the rose-colored glasses and the over the top packaging helps a lot. And somehow, this realization gave me comfort and peace.

2. Sometimes, it’s better to be quiet than be the source of useless noise — I realized that it can be pretty tiring spewing inanities all day. Besides, I maybe bitchy, clumsy and flighty (sometimes) BUT I am definitely not a moron.

3. People are doing a lot of shite when they think no one’s looking – scratching funny body parts, doing stupid stuff on their desk, making funny faces and yes, thank God, no one picked their nose.

4. You had to have a steady supply of water when you decide not to talk – One, because your throat gets parched. Second, because you have to keep your mouth hydrated else it will smell funny.

5. People think you’re in a foul mood when you don’t talk – especially in my case who talked endless shit. But no, I am not PMS-ing, I am not being sullen…I am just being quiet.

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