Tired and beaten

Somehow, while typing this post–I managed to fall asleep sitting down, Momo on my lap while Urbandub’s “A New Tattoo” played in the background. I won’t be surprised if my mouth was hanging open and that I might even be snoring. True fact: I snore when I am dead tired. In fact earlier, at the waiting area of the emergency section of the city hospital–I managed to fall asleep and snore. SNORE! right there in front of the injured, weak, delirious patients and their respective plus ones. Yes, your KamikazeeGirl managed to embarrass herself again. without even trying.

Good thing, The Queen (aka The Patient) was there to sock me on my side before I further embarrass myself. So, I looked up (heaved a sight of relief that there is no drool present–FYI, I do not drool when I sleep. even when I am tired.) Then act nonchalant about it. So freaking what? I was effing tired ok???

I’ve been dead tired and emotional these past few days. I think it’s due to some issues that kept cropping up and some new confusions that I managed to get myself into. Yes, drama and various versions of shite never fail to find me. Let me assure you that I have been born with a predilection for drama.

Anyway, work these days is less of hell and more of…the Dreaming??? (Oh, so I am going “Endless” now?) Actually, while the situations at work haven’t changed a bit (people are still A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G) something–or someone–happened which decreased the level of stress and general irritability.

Obviously, that someone happens to be Mr. G, the new Creative Manager…In his shoulders lie the expectations and challenges of 3 senior managers and one UNDERSTANDING and WELL-RESPECTED CEO. As mentioned in my previous post, Mr. G is a cool guy, he is both funny and serious at the same time.

Seriously, he inspired the team to be more accepting of our fates…no, seriously (this time na talaga) — he inspired the team to be more dedicated in what we do and on his first ever keynote address (or email) he underlined the importance of “ownership” on our respective pet projects. I guess, that’s the benefit of having a good boss (cos my previous one–yeah MISERABLE HAG, I meant YOU!!!) who inspires and drives people. As opposed to someone who freaking slave and drives their staff to insanity.

And since, I have been reanimated from my deep stupor, work these days are very tiring. And hectic. I’ve been waking up early mornings then going home late at night.

I should really get a life one of these days…

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