Something cool happened today

…and I wish I’d finally stop smiling about it.

Tell me, what can be more cooler than seeing the head moron be reduced to a pile of blubbering piece of turd? Was it the moment when he ran out of things to say or the part when he wasn’t expecting a coherent, intelligent retort to his concerns. I guess from now on, shall I start giving you marketing lessons so you could answer back next time? And when he knew arguing further would also expose him for the flake that he is, he started dropping names like it was hot (cue Snoop Dogg: “drop it like it’s hot…drop it like it’s hot…”

Hmmmmnnnnn…speaking of hot…(never mind)

Oh, if only I have a camcorder at hand–I shall capture the exchange as vividly as possible so that he may realize how effing pathetic he was. Especially when arguing with someone who (obviously) knows his way with the industry. Damn, alone in my room–thinking about the scene earlier–I was still smiling.

Must stop these muscles from turning up. I gotta be normal at one point. Must not think about h…errrr…IT…and instead just revel on the coolness that is at hand.

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