Can’t get you out of my head!!!

Incidentally, I love this version of “Be Be Your Love” — it’s so sad, intense, raw and just “so out there”.
I love live versions like these–it has a way of tugging out to your heart strings.

When I was younger, I remember that songs like these usually get a rise out of the “loner” in me. It’s versions like these that makes you feel like, your heart is slowly being extracted away from your chest–ready for a full-on evisceration, while you look helplessly on the merciless person who deemed himself worthy of providing you your first ever full-on heartbreak. Don’t you just hate handing your heart to someone?

I had my share of crappy relationships–that usually amount to nothing but waste of time and heartbreak. In my 30 years, I’ve had a string of “are we or aren’t we?” episodes that usually end up with both of us moving on with our lives, not even bothering to tell one another that the “moment–or whatever you might call it” have passed already. When I was younger, I was convinced that I will grow old without a hubby, but with a kid. At 20 years old, I convinced myself that all I needed was a possible sperm donor for my child–emotional or financial attachments not necessarily included. But at 21, I met The Hubby, found commitment appealing and a headache at the same time, and at 29–married my best friend.

Love is a lot of bull sometimes. How can you even define that “thug-thug-thug” (like a rave club on crack) which plays in full swing each time the stupid object of your affection shows his face? Or the “can’t eat-can’t sleep” combo that wrecks havoc on your life big time.

If I wasn’t married today (and haven’t found my anam cara) I’d probably just be dating around and enjoying the slew of men around me. I’d probably still eschew commitment cos HONESTLY–commitment can be a bummer sometimes (this is where your vows to always remain loyal, true and honest comes to light).

Notice that my title doesn’t have anything to do with what I wrote here. I made it that way. BECAUSE.

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