Strong “rains” expected this Saturday

There’ll be a huge amount of Rain in Manila this Saturday
As the whole world of fandom probably know by now– Rain (the artist) is having a concert on the Philippines. Based from reports, this is Rain’s last concert before he enters the mandatory military service in Korea.

This early, my K-Pop friends are already excited about the concert. One of my good friends “F” already bought tickets for PHP1,500 (which was right at the middle of the throng). They invited me and as much as I would like to join — to finally bond with these amazing girls –I had to pass up.

First, because I filled my mandatory one-concert per year quota–essentially, reserved for anything Incubus-related. This year, it was uselessly consumed when it watched that execrable “Then & Now” concert featuring 90s acts. Aside from Diana King and TQ’s set, I spent the whole concert sitting on the ground, sound asleep.

Second, because I was already broke by the time I heard about the news. Considering I had my hair color completely changed, bought these shoes I was coveting and paid for something that is long overdue–I am completely broke. I heard the girls bought the PHP1,500 which for me these days, sounded A LOT.

Third, because I am not a “concert-person”. I am not the best person to bring to concerts because if it’s an act I don’t relate to, I will likely fall asleep–barring the screaming fan girls, the dancing, the loud sound and even the community singing (that likely happens for concerts in the Philippines). I will really fall asleep. That’s why my concert of choice has always been Incubus–who has a way of making me go in a trance–captured by the band’s brilliance and Brandon Boyd’s awesomeness. I think Rain is an ok act, but since I am not a fan–I don’t want to be rude to those who thoroughly enjoy his concert–I will likely get bored.

So, I will not be experiencing any Rain this coming Saturday. Most likely, I’d be in my room, sleeping.

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