things you shouldn’t say in cyberspace

It is only yesterday that I get to realize the implications of my actions or the things I say in cyberspace.

There are things that you post sometimes to be just melodramatic and to air out repressed emotions. But there are things that you should know to have written in private or else, it can ruin your life.

I was a bit lonely yesterday, due to missing The Hubby too much (who was working night shift). So, in my boredom and loneliness, I wrote something which I shouldn’t–first, because it’s not exactly true and two, because I was writing without thinking. How is that even possible I don’t know.

I do know now that the following are the things that I shouldn’t air out in public:

1. Like being totally in awe of someone— not because it’s bad but because you wouldn’t know what other people would think. As you see, I am currently amazed on how great this person is…and I made the mistake of saying that online. On post. complete with pictures. But then I realized, people might construe that as something other than what is appropriate. No–it really did sound inappropriate and embarrassing, not to mention just desperate and weird.

After all, I am married and it’s not nice to hear someone gush over someone (that is not a japanese celebrity/idol/rockstar/god/unattainable) that is attainable — meaning, normal. When I wrote the post, I sounded insane and totally crazy for this person. JUST TO BE CLEAR: I am not. I am just a regular girl saying how great and inspiring someone is. This person has inspired me to be better in what I do.

The problem is, I tend to wrote melodramatically. So on first glance, you would think that I am essentially declaring my unrequited longing. That is one mistake that I will no longer make. Virtual foot in mouth disease. I deleted the post but to this day–it continues to haunt me.

2. How sucky it is where I earn my keep – I’ve read of instances where people get fired from their jobs just because of the things they said online. I realized that not because you (at times) maybe miserable doesn’t mean you could bad mouth the hand that feeds you. Not only it is unprofessional, it is also immature and whiny

3. Badmouthing other people I realized that not because this is my blog doesn’t mean I could be irresponsible and badmouth the people I hate. I guess, it’s because when the tables were turned, I don’t want to be the laughing stock of cyberspace due to what people are saying against me on a particular blog.

4. Telling too much personal stuff: First, because people might not even care. Second, because it’s not something I want all my 3 readers to know. And third, because I feel more exposed than ever if people would know how my personal life is doing. I guess, having a blog and being blessed with people who even care about what you think is a double edged sword. Sometimes, we reveal things that should be kept private.

So, for times when I commit any of these 4 offenses, I sincerely apologize. Sometimes, the responsibility of self-censorship lies on the writer, not the reader.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    First of all…with 33,420 hits on your blog stats, I highly doubt that only 3 people read your blog! haha!

    One of the things I told myself I wouldn’t want to do on my own blog is to bad mouth others…sure I’ll rant about having a sucky day or something that happened to me but actually spending time composing a post on why I absolutely hate a certain person…that’s a no-no. Besides, you never know wh0’s reading your blog so you always have to be careful. And sabi nga, if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all, diba?

    And don’t worry about being inspired by someone…being inspired is a good thing. I’d like to have someone inspire me too…but I’m glad that you know where you stand.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      tell me fizzy — how can someone be so cool?

  2. fizzywoohoo says:

    words are never enough…

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