Who doesn’t love “How I Met your Mother?”
I am so seriously, freaking in love with this show…. I am half in-love with Barney Stinson, to think I have yet to finish the first season:

Neil Patrick Harris is one of the best comedians of his time– he is hilarious and his take on the role of the womanizing cad, Barney is way up there. Yeah, I don’t care if he’s freaking gay and even if he is to have a baby already with his partner. I am going to marry him after I divorce The Hubby and Brandon Boyd and Jun Matsumoto and Jung YungHwa. (haha! I am a freaking harlot!)

I have yet to finish the rest of the series and I am looking forward to seeing my Barney fall in love with that hot-now-cold-later Robin Scherbasky.