It’s a season of changes these past few weeks–both on the personal, professional and even emotional levels. Sometimes, it scares me. Not knowing if its a good thing or a bad thing–to be suddenly with changes both profound and not. What the hey, the ride’s been fun and all. Friends know me–am all about the ride and the experience–and I am not one to back down or say no to the adventure of a lifetime.

I. A change of head color

Finally, after months of constantly yapping about it yet doing nothing. I finally went all the way (not strip naked, shit…and what, ruin the appetite of my friends?) and got a full change in my hair color. This started due to the countless teasing I got due to my premature gray hair. I got tons of that…as in shitty tons. Sometimes, it embarrasses the hell out of me cos hey, you can’t be all fasyon yet be gray on top. Plus, last I checked, I am not even remotely related to Taylor Hicks.

I used to hide over my witty one-liners when it comes to my “gray situation” — my family has a history of premature graying and plus, getting married isn’t exactly a walk in the park for me. Add to that the things I have to deal with at the office–and so I am destined to a life of gray.

A lot of my office mates were peroxide blonds–you know the type: orange-y blond resulting from a bad dye job. As much as I appreciated their kindness and suggestions (on particular salons)–one look on their awful dye jobs already made me want to run to the opposite direction. It’s either I really splurge on this head of hair or just let it be. For the last 5 months, I let it be. But something happened and I finally decided to take a bullet and just well, do it.

I’m now a certified ash blondie 🙂

I’m also hella broke, after having spent my grocery and pocket money just to get my beautiful head of hair. Sigh, the trappings and the requisites of being a woman kills me sometimes. It’s crazy, how you have to maintain your aesthetics just to look mildly attractive to others especially to the opposite sex (who most of the times–DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE WHEN IT COMES TO LOOKS).

(Oh, wait — I had my hair done at Bench Fix Glorietta (beside Pizza Hut) and they were really good. Look for Mark — it was him who suggested this hair color PLUS his able assistants did a really good job transforming me back to a human being. Just saying. You might be interested)

Anyway, I am loving who I am right now. Your friendly AshBlondie… hahah! As early as now, thinking of going back a few shades lighter after my stint as a blondie.

II. The times, they’re a-changing

Things are also taking a turn (for the better perhaps) at the office. As mentioned on previous posts, work for me is now a cute euphemism for “hell on earth”. The creatives team, composed of adorable & talented little monsters, has lost all morale, trust, respect to the institution and were becoming to be the company’s biggest source of headache.

The solution they’ve come up with is to find a manager who will discipline us and maybe deal with all the shit they’ve been throwing our way. I don’t know what kind of good deed they’ve done in their past life, but I think they made a hella good job finding Mr. G, the newly minted Creative Manager for the institution.

(Hey, Mr. G– I know you may–at one time or the other–get to read this post. So… if I get to say nice things about you, please don’t think I am sucking up okay? hehehehe! I know your reaction is to get all blushy and aw-shucks-u-crazy-little-b…… And you prolly know me as tactless as hell. so what the hey…)

Well, the thing I like about Mr. G is that he eliminated the need for us…or for me (rather) to have to talk to the dumb shitheads at the office. Since he started working for the company, every little thing they require needed to get pass him. And since, our manager–Mr. G really looked like someone who doesn’t take horse’s shit from anyone (he looks really buff, people…I reckon he can pummel the head shithead without much effort), our work load now has become easier and saner thanks to his divine intervention.

As the first hot-blooded male to come pass the office halls in a very looooong time, Mr. G now commands the respect/admiration/awe/lust (?) of the numerous gels and gays at the office. He is the current hot sensation and our team delights on having to tease him on his growing fan club. He will then blush and flip everyone off. Aw shucks.

I have also taken to finding meaning to going back to work again–maybe because I am now reporting to an intelligent person. Having things approved by the Head Boss is now freaking twenty million times easier–thanks to this blessing.

So yeah–times are a-changing at HELL, Inc. And maybe we do have to thank Mr. G for changing the negative perception that we had. Sometime, I pity him during times when the estrogen levels overpower his reserved testosterone (try being the only male amidst a staff of hyperactive females) but it seems he is one cool dude and can handle our female quirks.

I wish him joining Hell Inc wouldn’t change my decision to leave (when the time comes) — but who knows?

As I’ve said, I’m all up for a good ride.

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