encounters with the living (brain) dead

First Season: Day of the Living (Brain) Dead

So, yesterday — the new boss and the rest of my crazy ass team decided to have our lunch at this coffee shop located at the back of the Rufino Tower. Lunch in a coffee house–crazy right? But you must realize that lunch at my office is at 3-freaking-PM and that means that we sometimes (especially on saturdays where most establishments are closed) would have to be creative on the places we eat on.

Anyway, the rest of the team were sitting on the farthest most nook of the coffee house, even if the place was almost empty. To our side was this guy who seemed to be reviewing his notes as his table was littered with books. His requisite “ordered coffee for the sake of the free wi-fi” was almost devoid of the cold moisture. From that alone, you would know that he’s been there for a very long time.

So, we were being our usual self–talking nonsense, flipping each other off when the guy started clearing his throat and sighting, as if the worries of the world rests on his fucking shoulder. For every time our convo gets louder, he makes this noise “hmmmmmrrrmmmmp”. As we stood up to leave (we were still conversing), I heard him go “shhhh…!” so, I turned my head and said: “if you want it to be quiet, go to a fucking library!”

I am sorry if I was rude–but last I checked, my friends and I paid for our lunch (and we ordered a lot more compared to him–just saying) and thus, is also worthy of being our usual noisy self during lunch. I don’t get people like this: must we also be contemplative just cos he was cramming?

Last I checked, coffee shops were the place for hanging out and enjoying good convo and good coffee with friends. Yeah, you can bring books and even review or cram–but note that there’s a probability that a group of friends/office mates will enter and will start conversing loud. To ensure that you will not be bothered while studying or cramming, my best bet is that you must go to a library, yes? There–you can read the whole Encyclopedia Britannica and no one will freaking care or bother you.

Second Season: Night of the living (brain) dead

Friends understand (and do not hate me for it) that I am not the biggest Twilight fan in the planet. I just refused to be associated with the movie. Just this Saturday, I gave The Queen my complete copy of the Twilight Series — bought before this whole Twilight brouhaha exploded.

So, when my girls at the office suggested this movie for our first ever girls’ night out–I was all for it!

Here’s what I can say about “Vampires Suck”: it’s the funniest movie of the year. If you’re brain dead. The jokes are rude, old and crass. The actors lack both acting skill and charm, except for the girl who played Becca Crane (more on this later). And the story line: a bad, rotting mixture of the first two Twilight movies.

But did I hate it?

Hell no, I was enjoying the mockery–even if my brain literally walked out on me (in indignation and frustration) on the first ten minutes of the movie. The PROs? The actress who played Becca Crane was priceless. In fact, she’s the 1st of the two redeeming values of this movie. She had that Bella chick spot on–the hair-tugging, the lip biting, the awkward facial expressions–each scene is priceless each time I see her face!

The second redeeming value? The camera shots were freaking awesome. This is one small-budget movie where they did not scrimped on the exterior shots. Maybe they spent all their money on the exterior and instead of make-up cos Edward Sullen looked like he was dipped in a vat full of white paint. And oh, I love the soundtrack…it was able to replicate the beauty of the first OST.

But if you ask me if the movie’s any good: not exactly. It’s corny. And some of the scenes felt forced. That’s why, it baffled the shit out of me why the guy on my left was effing laughing his brains out–what? to prove he gets the joke?

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