Retail Therapy is luuuuuurv!

The heavens are smiling today, and so am I.
I have been salivating and literally being pathetic looking after these shoes:

These shoes are literally haunting me–even in my sleep! I can’t just move forward–I keep returning to the danged Anthology website and surfing the net for other designs and brands. I was getting crazy. Finally, I just had enough–I decided to bite the bullet and sacrifice a week worth of pocket money for my own brogues! Otherwise, I would be driven to insanity and would henceforth be known as the blogger gone crazy due to her insatiable need for a pair of brogues/oxfords.

see? even at the office...this is all I do (during my spare time)

So, finally–after the powers that be at the office has decided to give the mothly salary well in advance–I literally flew from my office building situated at the jungles of the CBD to The Ramp branch in Glorietta 3.

And then… purely bliss…

Yes. that’s my ugly stump of a leg trying on two styles. Can you guess which one I chose?
Notice that the brown/flowery combo was the same style as the one I was checking in the net:


In as much as I love the brown/pink flowers combo (pink! pink! pink!)– I decided to be all mature and go for the style which I can wear with a myriad of clothes (colors and styles). I will be getting the flowery combo when I have the additional money (maybe next month). What? You think I am over and done with this obsession? On the contrary, this will be the start of a long and meaningful love affair. (hahah!)

And these are affordable! I got my brogues for just PHP800 ($16) and they look amazing. I am loving this brand, Ichigo. A quick look at their site has yielded lots and lots of shoes which I now covet and lust after!

On other news, The Queen and I finally got to trying the new thrift store in front of our street. This used to be operated by a surly-looking man, but the new sign and new sets of clothes announced the change in management. These are what I got for PHP200 ($4):

three adorable finds from Momo, Veeko and....TADAH! Uniqlo!

Obviously, my favorite of the loot is the Uniqlo long cardigan which can be used both as a sweater and dress. I saw the exact picture of this cardigan about a year ago worn by Shun Oguri’s girlfriend Yu Yamada in an old advert for Nonno magazine. Back then, I thought I would have to go to Japan to buy something from Uniqlo but hey–now, I have it in my hands for only $2! The gray shirt dress with printed lace detail and the black bell-sleeved blouse cost only a dollar each!

You think I was happy?

Well, I am. But then, this morning, my new boss came into the office wearing this:

I immediately fell in love with that danged thing! I just have to have it! And because, I am naturally shameless, I borrowed MY BOSS’ JACKET and FREAKING WORE IT!

And yeah, that guy at the back was the boss! Heheh! I love his jacket! In fact, he had to pry it away from my hands just to get it back.

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