A new drama for the beautiful Jang Geun Seok?

We all know that Jang Geun Seok is now attached to the movie remake of “Kimi Wa Petto” (You are my Pet), which will see this boy taking the challenging role of Momo (originally played by the *ehem-ehem* beautifully talented Jun Matsumoto).

But source states that JGS is also seriously considering starring in a new drama based from a on famed comic book. The comic book has a translated title of “Mary is Staying Out Overnight”.

The upcoming drama tells the story of a girl who has never been in a romantic relationship before but has suddenly found herself embroiled in a love triangle with a vocalist of a death metal group and a Mr. Perfect.

So, following this update — we go to more pressing questions…


I practically saw this talented young man literally grow from a cute boy to the eye candy of today.

As a kid, he was so effing cute I am almost tempted to hug a rabbit and start crocheting ribbons in his behalf:

And then, the thing called puberty hit. For some, it’s like a kiss of death. Cute kids literally morph to acne-filled, awkward looking adults. But not in the case of our JGS — from a cute kid who morphed into a beautiful young man

His take as Taekyung, the temperamental ever-scowling leader of AnJell surely fluttered a lot of hearts and surely turned a lot of knees into sweet jelly. I am a big fan of ShinWoo (the guitarist) but each time this kid turns in his trademark snowl (sneer + scowl) — I feel my heartbeat skip a little (why, you effing ajumma!).

So, I am bit — eh? when I saw his recent picture:

Oh you poor kid, I am even tempted to shampoo your hair and comb it for you. But then again, may I be bold and say that our JGS may be referencing this:

After all, they are sharing the same role. (Just a quick fangirling — Oh! my MatsuJun never fail to make me turn giddy). This–ladies and gentlemen–is what you call dedication to what the role demands.

And I am sure that in spite the current horrendous hairdo, our JGS remains a thing of beauty (and immense talent, of course).

4 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Thanks for this! What a pleasure to read this on this day when I am swamped with so much to do at work. This made me smile and yes, my heart did flutter! Your matsujun, is beautiful and JGS is quite an eye candy as well.
    I have been smitten by the “snowl” too! Ahhh…love…=)

  2. kathryn says:

    I quite like it. It is much better than when he was the shiny haired prince in Hong Gil Dong.

    So, in the new drama is he the death metal guy or the Mr Perfect? I can picture him as either.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      I am quite guessing–and hoping–that he’ll be the Death Metal guy (it wasn’t mentioned yet–as he still thinking if he’d attach himself to the project)
      It’ll be cool to see him as that right?
      I really wish he’ll ok this project…it’ll really be another fun portrayal for him.

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