It’s always easy to cast judgment…

By now, the world would have probably heard about the deadly hostage drama here in Manila that killed more than five hostages onboard (as of 10:26PM, Monday, Manila time).

While I am typing these, I am reading the local netizens reactions to the hostage situation which ended into a tragic stand-off. While these same people are my friends over Facebook, I couldn’t help but feel pissed off on the messages I read. A lot of my friends were railing on how much the police force of this country are made up of morons who don’t know shit about law enforcement. A few were suggesting that the Philippine law enforcement team enroll under Evelyn Salt and Jack Bauer for training. Others were just so cool that they are very quick to judge this country as going to the dogs–that we are a country of losers, that there is no hope for the Philippines.

Oh wow, this is the exact moment that I pray that I will not lose patience and start unfriending people based on the merit of these morons pissing me off with their baseless and brainless comments. I have already began clicking the”hide” button because I simply cannot, for the life of me, understand the kind of brain that these people possess.

They say that the Filipinos possess a sense of humor that sometimes defy logic and at times, even tragedy. But what happened earlier is not something which can be summarized in 220 words punctuated with words like “The Philippine tourism is dead–we’re a nation of losers”.

I am sorry–BUT YOU ARE THE LOSER HERE. I am not a loser, my country is not a nation of losers. A single incident, no matter how unfortunate, cannot define who my country is. What happened earlier is a tragedy, an accident no matter how unfortunate can happen in any part of the world, but sadly took place in the Philippines. Well, if you do insist on the loser status, better stick it in YOUR forehead and leave my country ALONE.

As I type this, Hong Kong (where all the victims came from) has announced a travel ban against the Philippines. I hope you shitheads still find this funny.

The question now is what happens after? How do we rise against this tragedy?

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Lani-kun! You know, am pa lang when I saw this on the news, for some reason it has affected me throughout my working day. Here I am complaining about how I’m having a tough day and yet I look at the tv & see others who are in a much more dangerous situation that I was…who was I to complain then?

    It was really sad. I kept thinking about it on the way home. Normally when something major happens, no matter where it happens in the world, I’m usually glued to the bbc or cnn, but last night…I didn’t event want to tune in to them. Well, I’d check in on abs once in a while & if I see that it’s still not over, I tune into something else. I don’t know, it was so hard and so sad to watch.

    And when it was all over, I couldn’t help but feel sad that something unfortunate about manila has been plastered again on all major international news networks for all the world to see. It saddens me to think that this is what the world will think of manila…if it doesn’t think of us that way already. But I also hoped & prayed that people will realize, like what you said, one cannot generalize an entire people by the actions of a single person. That 11 hour stand-off does not represent the entire nation.

    While it was said that the man’s father believed there must be a reason for the actions of his son, I also think that whatever those reasons are will not justify the act that he did. If there’s one little thing you’ll allow me to complain about…what the EFF were all those usiseros doing all around the bus after it was all over?! Good grief.

    But I’d also just like to ask…how does this balance out with your desire to move to another country & raise your kids there? I would think that something like this would only add to it?

    Plus I hope you’ll also allow me my selfish reasons why these things make me sad & depressed…the fact that this is international news…will surely affect the chances of me getting to see my favorite bands & artists here on our shores. =(

    Sorry ha…dito na ko bumuhos ng saloobin sa blog mo. hehehe…forum ba? Thanks for the space. =)

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Fizzy!
      I know what you mean about the uzis…while watching, I was hoping people will do something about the crowd. I hated this freaking Filipino trait. Are their lives so effing boring that they need to vicariously fill the need for excitement by being professional bystander on life and death situations
      I am not ashamed to be Filipino. Hell–I’d die a Filipino but what happened further enhanced my desire to leave and start life anew away from this country. I can’t imagine the grief of the family of the victims–the parents, the sons and daughters who are grieving now due to this tragedy
      I can’t and won’t blame the international community for what they maybe feeling for what happened. But as I’ve said–and as I pray–our nation shouldn’t be judge by this alone.
      Rant all you want
      You know you are always welcome at KamikazeeGirl 🙂

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