Today is The Hubby’s birthday (Happeeeebirthday, Sweetie!) but he allowed me to go out–even for a while for this photo shoot I agreed to do for friend in the office. He gladly took up on my offer for a styling job for his personal photo shoot, and since he knows how I am so obsessed with fashion, he said that he will be confident to pose wearing the clothes I chose for him.

So, what’s a stylist anyway, huh?

Here in the Philippines, stylists are as ubiquitous as fashion magazines. Their job is to bring together a certain look–clothes wise and fashion wise–in a photo shoot. I asked the client (my office mate) if he already has something in mind, in terms of his clothes, for the shoot. He doesn’t have any idea. As for the peg or the general idea in terms of the look he wants to convey, I decided to go over the “J-Pop” route.

Armed with a fresh issue of Fine Boys Magazine (with the wonderful MatsuJun on the cover), I chose pegs depicting a carefree, fashionable dude on a casual day at the park…I printed copies and gave one to my friend, with strict instructions to bring the indicated clothes, while I will take care of the accessories.

The shoot was held at the old walled city of Intramuros (this statement is quite redundant since “Intramuros” means Walled City in Spanish–or at least that’s what our history book say).

KamikazeeGirl at work...

I came to the shoot in really comfortable clothes cos I needed to assist “S” the photographer while fussing over “E”‘s clothes. I was wearing my favorite jodhpurs which I bought at a flea market for only P100 (about $2), gifted Team Manila Shirt Rizal Series and comfy denim loafers I bought for about P300 (about $6). And oh, and old cap which originally belonged to my sister.

I am so tanned! (...and sweaty I must say) yikes!
i love this picture!
my trusty flea market-bought tote which holds my accessories...

One good thing about the shoot? I get to revisit Intramuros. The last time I hung out at the walled city was a good 9 years ago–when I was still a reporter for the Manila Bulletin. I remembered having this impromptu photo shoot at Baluarte San Diego, this old fort where they used to hold Filipino prisoners during the Spanish and Japanese occupation of the Philippines . The fort was submerged so during execution, all they had to do is fill the fort with water and the prisoners will drown. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the submerged prison since I was busy styling “E”.

a solitary figure sits on a forgotten area of the walled city

the outside part of the moat is now a golf course. On a really bad day, you could be hit by whizzing golf balls while you ponder your fate while sitting on the walls

I really had a good time with my friends from the office. In-between set-ups, we realized that this was a first for us: hanging out outside the confines of the four office walls and the office hours. We agreed that we should do this again–especially since there is a possibility that this year could be the last time we’d be together as office mates.

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