Are you ready for 44 “Naked Guyz”?

Just when I thought that I have seen everything there is to see when it comes to Japan’s penchant for idol groups and stupid names and groups with ten thousand members, here comes another idol group for girls who can’t seem to get tired of ogling ikemens…

Presenting (TA-DAH!)


O___O ???? (Eh?)

But wait, as the description implies, I was expecting to see handsome guys, pretty guys even! But close inspection reveals a maximum of five cute guys (THAT’s THE MAXIMUM) while the rest looks like rejects from Hana Kimi and Gokusen! (oh, they are?) On the upper leftmost part, the guy looked suspiciously like a serious family man in need of a good source of income to feed his four kids. While the kid in the rightmost side in the third row seemed to be barely out of primary school! Oh, I could go on and on…

And what’s up with the name? Do we seriously expect you guys to be prancing around naked? Cos if you guys don’t have any serious abs, I strongly suggest you put on a shirt or something…(yes, this is coming from the snobbish tub of lard who pines after Mr. Matsumoto–he who is waifishly thin). And if you do perform naked–wowzah!–can we expect this to be in public. Though I am not particularly looking forward to any future flesh display.

And just imagine the possible diva scenarios arising out of the need to succeed among 43 other aspiring idols. Oh, my beloved Nihon–your taste in your idol groups really doesn’t fail to astound me.

Tokyo Hive

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