An early Christmas wish…

Yeah, yeah…
I know I am four months early and a bit too presumptuous to be even mouthing off anything that bears the words “christmas” and “gifts”

But anyway, for love ones who read this blog (*The Queen*) and might have access to good old Nihon, you might wanna drop these babies especially for me:

The X-Japan Complete II contains 7 CDs and 5 DVDs with 2 bonus DVDs that has extremely rare video footage, and was said to be a re-release from 2005.

Friends know that I am a big fan of X-Japan especially during their visual kei days (the hair! the costume! the artistry!). I am too much of a fan that X-Japan’s “Tears” were my bridal march when I got married a year and a half ago. The opening strains (courtesy of that brilliant pianist at Malate Church) had reduced me to tears the minute I took my first step on the long aisle, while lights from cameras almost blind me. And embarrassing as it may seem, I was trying my best not to bawl my eyes out as I walk towards The Hubby.

So, you could probably say that X-Japan has been a permanent part of my life now, and “Tears” will always be that song that made me cry…

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