Yume Update: Option 2

As mentioned on my previous post, my waking hours is now spent with my newly-awakened determination to find a job overseas. During the early stages of my planning, I already laid out three options in ensuring that I put this dream into fruition.

This week, I received word that option 2, the EPEC application was denied by the government handling labor concerns. Instead of losing hope, I tried looking at it from a different perspective. Maybe this is not the time yet to get my EPEC? I would need to have enough funds to tied me over as I look for a job while there–not to mention that I have to consider my daily life and expenses while out there looking for a job. Since I can try again after 3 months, I plan on sending my application by January 2011. By that time, I have already saved enough money to tied me over when I begin my final step on my great adventure. I have also enrolled and began classes for my masteral class in communications at PUP.

I continue to read the reminders posted on the Filipino forum I joined online and has taken great courage from the tales of thousands of Filipinos who chose to leave their families and the Philippines behind for a shot of a great future. While reading stories detailing the sacrifices they had to go through just to find a job and a place for themselves in that small country, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by their bravery and determination. My countrymen might be a lot of things–but for sure, we are a race of God-fearing, faithful, hard-working, determined people. Sometimes, it sucks that we had to choose going out of this country just to find a better future… but then again…at the end of the day–all these sacrifices are meant for our family.

Take me for example, I don’t have a kid yet but I am afraid of what kind of future awaits her should her parents (me and The Hubby) choose to stay in the Philippines. What if she wants to be a marine biologist someday? I gotta be able to send her to a good school, and raise her in an environment where I don’t have to scare myself shitless on her safety.

So for now, I continue to plow on, move forward, keep biting the bullet. Yume chasing might be too difficult but I am not exactly the type of person to give up.

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