Oh! MatsuJun–what Fine Boy you are!

Oh, the Universe really knows how to take care of its freaky oneesans

As you probably know (in case you are one of the three readers of this blog), I am quite busy nowadays chasing after this dream I have. Most of my waking hours, if not spent at work or worrying about recent problems, have been occupied by this undertaking. And since I have been given the blessing of The Hubby, I have gained new confidence and determination to just plow through whatever obstacles that shall be appearing on my path. (Obstacle #1: My application for EPEC was denied).

Anyway, where were we?

Oh–small blessings.

How’s this for small blessings? Presenting, the delish Matsumoto-san on the August issue of FINE BOYS magazine:

Bask in the beauty manifested inside:

Oh, he’s just so beautiful to look at.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Oh I’m so happy for you Lani-kun! Indeed, it’s small joys like these that makes one smile amidst tough times. Cheers!

    And if you don’t mind me asking…what’s EPEC?

  2. kathryn says:

    At the moment, I’m rewatching Kimi wa Petto. I’d forgotten how incredibly cute he is in that.

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