Ikuta Toma stars at Tokio’s new single “Nanana…”

The Tokio single, starring cutie Ikuta Toma, is now out!
Feast your eyes on the high cuteness factor on screen:

Again, I wonder what’s keeping the old crone man from having Ikuta Toma finally debut from Johnny’s Jrs. Do one really need a group just to freaking debut? I mean — Ikuta Toma is so talented, his talent alone equates the whole Hey! Say! Jump 7! (no offense meant Hey! Say! fans)…just validly stating a point.

Anyway, unless Ikuta Toma debuts really soon, he is bound for a life of Junior-ness, like his senpai, Mizuki Sano (yes, the Hana Kimi leads are named after him).

Haist, a part of me wants to believe that even if he doesn’t debut, as long as as he is recognized as one of the best (and it’s the truth) Johnny’s boys EVAH…then, it’ll be worth a thousand debuts in the end. By the way, about the video–don’t you find the senpai (Tokio) – kouhai (Ikuta Toma) bonding really cute?

Hmmmnn, does he even think or aspire of getting that formal debut? If I were him–with opportunities coming my way–old man Johnny can shove debuting up his wrinkly ass

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