Puck’s “Higher Power” — whatchathink?

Since it’s quite obvious that the kids from “Glee” would eventually land album deals with the awesome pipes they had, it’s just a matter of time on which one of them will be first to make the announcement.

The first of the bunch to land a deal is Mark Salling aka Puck aka “another one of my husbands from a parallel universe” who announced via Ryan Seacrest’ KISS FM radio show his debut song called “Higher Power” from his album “Pipe Dreams”. Puck, the tough bully with a soft side and soul-piercing gaze, was noted for his southern take on songs and is quite musically talented: he can play the guitar, drums and piano.

Anyway, here is the song “Higher Power”:

Erm, my verdict is IT WASN’T ABLE TO BLOW ME AWAY. It was okay, but not something I expect for “Puck” to release, especially since he does so well with Southern ballads at Glee. How can I describe this song? It’s like the long lost brother of “I Will Survive” that got exposed to a healthy dose of The Beatles. Notice the early verse have the “Beatles” feel then goes off to finally reveal its bongga self as the long-lost, missing “brother” of the Gloria Gaynor classic. Even the guitar rift/ instrumental part near the end of the song, almost made me sing (out loud) “I Will Survive! Hey! Hey!” Anyway, some comments from the net said that “I Will Survice” was the inspiration behind the song but…


Good try, Mark. Now let’s see what Mr. Schue has to offer.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ivy says:

    Heeeyyyy! Mark Salling is my husband! :p

    His Glee character is such a loser, but he is so perfect. 🙂

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Ivy!
      I love Puck too! But his song is….so weird?
      I went from “yay!” to pfffft! we I listened to it. I just think his talent deserves a much better song.

      Puck is just so delish!

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