Steven Slater sets the standard in throwing in the towel and resigning

Cyberspace is abuzz with the story of Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who “lose it” while on duty and probably set a standard for every “employee who wished to quit”.

(For another great resignation: see this amusing resignation via dry-erase board Though people are questioning its veracity)

Picture property of Steven Slater is My Hero

The reasons for Slater’s outburst were well-reported on various publications and online news. In fact, even when he was arrested (he was out now courtesy of a $2,500 bail), Slater even smiled when the cops brought him out and was even described in one report as “calm and collected during questioning”. But what is more surprising is the outpouring of support for Slater, as numerous Facebook support sites (check this and this) are now existing in his honor. The general mood is that of support and concern for the newly dubbed “working class hero”.

Photo is a property of Steven Slater is My Hero Facebook Page

Now, is Steven Slater right or wrong? One part of me says he has indeed endangered the lives of those at the ground which may be hit when he activated the emergency chute. But a big part of me–the part who goes to work everyday and deal with crap on a day-to-day basis–just wanted to reach out to him (wherever he maybe) and give him care packages, a big pat on the back, hell–even an “I hope you’re doing well” card, simply by doing something that we, the office slaves, the working class, the oft-abused underlings can only dreamed of doing.

And yeah, the moron who refused to follow airline protocol and insisted on getting his freaking luggage should be tied on the wing of a 747 on his next flight. Whoever he maybe.

Minutes after sharing the story of Steven Slater to my office mates, we all wished we had Steven’s balls (erm…not his balls, literally ok?) Sometimes, it just gets pretty tiring dealing with the same kind of crap over and over, day by day–or following leaders who don’t know shit what they’re doing. As I hear my colleagues think of various ways on how they can will file their “I QUIT” notices here at the office, I knew that deep inside me, I wish I could be as brave (or as fed-up) as Steven when he decided to stage the “most discussed I Quit notice as of date”. With the kind of crap I now have to deal with on a day-to-day basis (a superior who changes his mind over projects every single f*cking day and who doesn’t have balls to even say what he really wants and tosses blame to his employees every single f*cking time whenever the CEO asks him)– I fear that I might be nearing breaking point.

Today, a colleague of mine was given ANOTHER, DIFFERENT instruction just after it was announced that the project she is working on is URGENT. While she contemplates announcing her resignation via the office PA system, then jumping off the building with a parachute on her back, I can’t help but wonder if Steven’s “resignation” from his job will set off a series of similar incidents around the world–considering how awed and amazed the working class is with this new “hero”

Now, I’m gonna get back to the deliverables and the long-list of to do’s I have here in the office. Getting out of the kitchen will have to wait another date. Maybe someday, but not today.

All images are NOT MINE –and a property of the Steven Slater is My Hearo Facebook Page

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