New website to quench your thirst for anything “Janizu…” (Jr.)

Just when we thought that the world has any “Johnny’s” info to last us a lifetime–here comes another website that is intended to fill our yearning for those lithe, androgynous-looking, hard-to-reach, sexually ambiguous, deliciously sexay boys otherwise known as Johnny’s.

For those who live under a rock or out of circulation for the last 40 years, “Johnny’s” is a general term referred to members of Johnny’s Jimusho (Johnny’s Office), the most powerful talent agency in Japan, supplying my beloved Nihon with its need for male idols, singers and actors since 1962!

For Japanophiles–it’s either you are madly, freakingly in-love with a Johnny (a show of hands please…) or regard this group of boys with utter disdain (Wtf do I need a Johnny for? I can get by with Shun Oguri, Haruma Miura, Ken’ichi Matsuyama, etc, etc!)

Anyway, back to the new website, the new website is produced by… a Johnny, eye candy Hideaki Takizawa who launched “TakkiCHANnel” recently.

Hideaki Takizawa

The new site will focus not on the debuted senpais but on the (often ignored) Johnny’s Jrs. Juniors fans can get a load on info on the site which contains birthdays, pictures and other info on their favorite Johnny’s Jrs. member. With the introduction of this new site, may we fans be bold enough to conclude that our beloved (and hated) Jimusho is now slowly embracing the 20th century by being more generous in terms of allowing the pictures of its talents to appear on websites and even promotional materials for shows and dramas.

Maybe the old crone man has finally realized that there is no need to be stingy on allowing usage on his talents’ likeness considering there are a thousand of pictures in the internet that overzealous fans can filch (ehem!).

Anyway, the website is still on trial mode but there’s already lots of info which fans might find interesting.

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