Matsumoto Jun’s interview with Angelina Jolie

I guess this is no longer new for fans of Jun Matsumoto.
But I would just like to post here his interview with Angelina Jolie during Jolie’s promotional visit for Salt.

Can I just say that Jun is so freaking adorable? He looks so grown up and so distinguished in his suit yet look so sheepish and boyish at the same time? If he was nervous (who wouldn’t be?) it wasn’t that obvious.

Oh, he gave Angelina Jolie a copy of Arashi’s DVD…may I be bold and dream of Maddox and Pax listening to Arashi in the future?

I LOL-ed when he said “I saw the movie…and I freaked out” Somehow it sounded so weird considering that “Salt” is an action movie, not a suspense-thriller where you are expected to “freak out”. Anyway, chuck it to the language barrier. And big props to Matsukun for trying hard and for being so adorable and composed during the interview.

I think that Matsukun should really start investing in learning English. His status in the Japanese entertainment industry and the immensity of his talent might give possibility to him breaking into the international market. I can’t help but think that there will be lots of opportunity for him if he turns bilingual.

(So, MatsuJun–if you’re ever in the market for an english teacher you know who to call ne?)


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