Nothing like PDA to wake you up in the morning

One of the reasons why I eschew public transportation is my low tolerance for anything that requires contact with my fellow human beings, especially if their in the midst of doing something execrable. This is the same reason why riding cabs (if I have the money) or walking (if my destination is near enough) are my preferred mode of going from point A to B.

This morning, I had the brilliant idea to take the ubiquitous Pinoy invention called the jeepney. I was somewhere that is near enough the office building for a short ride, yet too far (and hot) must I elect to walk. I had the brilliant idea to just ride it out in one of the ikot jeepneys plying the Makati CBD route.

It would have been a short, unremarkable ride when I had the mistake of looking into my left. To my left were two juliets ride in the midst of a passionate embrace, seemingly forgetting that they are in the midst of a public transpo. And just when I thought the scene couldn’t be anymore annoying, the girls started exchanging kisses, seemingly lost in oblivion.

First, just to clarify–I have nothing against gay relationships or same sex partnerships. I have two good friends who are in the middle of meaningful, fulfilling relationships with partners of the same sex. They are young, very much in-love but very responsible and level headed. So, anyway the girls started pawing each other, mumbling incoherent baby talk much to the discomfort of my co-passengers, one of which is an old lady (who I am sure were already railing on the transgressions of today’s youth).

What have against is the PDA–and this is regardless of sexual orientation. Nothing can be more annoying than seeing couples exchanging saliva in public. I was sure I’ve seen the slight flicker of tongue, the hands running on each other’s faces…I was tempted to intervene and cut the PDA display by pointing the girls to the nearest hotel available (UH, GET A ROOM PEOPLE!)
Once, I had the misfortune of seeing a guy trying to swallow her girlfriend’s face–and they had the gall to look so pissed that people were looking!

Lovers, a word of advice: we know you love each other and we couldn’t be happier for you–but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD–try to reign in your desire once in a while especially when people are present. Especially if you’re in public transpo where the cheap cost of going from point A to B will assure you a full house of eyewitnesses for the heavy petting that you dish out. Note also that you live in the Philippines, not Paris, a country of traditional, old fashioned prudes who frown on public displays of affection.

Anyway, I think the girls are playing it up this morning–to further rile their annoyed co-passengers who didn’t pay the measly transpo just to see serious girl-on-girl action. (Guys, they do not look the girls depicted on FHM or Maxim, sorry for ruining your imagination). Me, I keep on asking myself I was annoyed cos they were obviously hyping it up (hay naku, magbe-break din kayo!) or because I should have taken a cab in the first place.

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  1. Ivy says:

    I couldn’t agree with this more. Mabuti sana if they were like in a gondola in Venice, kaya mo pang ma-accept kung bakit they’re being like that. Pero jeepney? Yikes!

  2. theweeklyargus says:

    To be honest, I’m all for public displays of affection. At least, that’s how I tried to explain what I was doing when a security guard escorted me out of the mall.

    He tried to say that since I was alone, what I was doing wasn’t a “public display of affection.”

    1. lanilakwatsera says:


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