The thing about freelancing…

…is that it’s not as easy as what people think.

This, I realized at 1:00 o clock this morning as I try to set-up a system for the recent freelancing group that I joined. As I copy my resume and try to build up cred online, I realized that buying a laptop computer and having a dependable wifi connection isn’t all you need in order to have a stable paying freelancing gig. A month ago, I signed up as a “contractor” for a internet-based marketing company specializing in hiring remote workers. Since I haven’t got a laptop at that time, I just signed up and immediately started thinking of ways on how I can get my hands on my own laptop. You know, in case someone gets to hire me.

But at 1AM and still answering a bunch of test questions just to ensure that I look credible online, I came to realize the writing freelance is not as easy as it’s cracked up to be. On the system where I applied, I am battling against thousands of others (I am sure competent) writers for a slice of the jobs I want. Don’t get me wrong, I am not griping about the system or the fact that I getting jobs through the site is not exactly as easy as 1-2-3, what I am pointing out is the realization (which I had) that writing freelance is not an easy to do.

For someone who wanted the opportunity to write again, and augment the family income at the same time–this is a cold slice of the reality pie. After all these years claiming to be versed in the street-cred and schooled in the school of hard knocks, it came as a surprise for me that within this creaking old body is still a piece of the wide-eyed (pun intended), naive little girl that I was in college.

So, with this realization comes the determination to look for other opportunities in freelancing. Truth is, I really badly needed the additional income, especially with plans of me going back to school for my masteral studies. Add to that plans to really work on finally delving into realm of parenthood–which, we all know calls for financial maturity.

A good friend has been asking me to help him with PR and consultancy but I was waiting for them to make a formal offer (versus the usual informal offer over casual convo). While I have no illusions of leaving the corporate world (yet) in exchange for full time PR job, any bit of offer and project thrown my way is highly appreciated.

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