Going gaga for “teenage amnesiac”


I badly need to see this movie otherwise, I will die from utmost despair and sadness (HAH! I didn’t took a semester in theater arts for nothing!)

I have basically tried everything there is just to get a copy of the movie. ISO Hunt and Torrentz proved of no use this time. The same goes for my friendly neighborhood Makati Cinema Square (MCS) Japanese movie source. Full disclosure: this source of mine sells DVDs at MCS–considered the mecca for pirated movies in the Philippines–she basically supplied me everything there is to watch when it comes to my beloved J-movies and dramas. She failed me this time, and basically looked at me as if I am speaking in a foreign language when I looked for this movie.

Oh, I really needed to see this. As you can see from the trailer, the delish and talented Matsuyama Ken’ichi stars, along with Horikita Maki and Tegoshi Yuya (a Jimusho boy), as well as a host of foreign actors (Emma Roberts + Anton Yelchin). Oh, the thought of seeing MatsuKen star in a light yet entertaining romance movie appealed to me too much–since the boy is known more for his quirky roles and for his aversion for romantic lead roles.
MatsuKen, as we all know is also into dating cougars… What this means, ladies and gentlemen, is that the (unmarried) oba-chans/ahjummas of the world has a shot when it comes to this star. (I do not qualify on the basis of possession of a marriage contract).

So–please I beg you (in my most melodramatic capacity) to please point in my direction any source of this must-watch movie.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

3 thoughts on “Going gaga for “teenage amnesiac”

  1. i’m still trying to find this dvd… if you cant find it on the net you wouldnt find it in our local pirated dvds… because 80 percent of the pirated dvds are all downloaded from the net unless you have a friend in japan… maybe by the first quarter of 2011.. i like watching some of kenichi’s movie especially detroit metal city.. hope you’ve watched his series sexy voice and robo

    1. unfortunately, i haven’t seen his series…I like Kenichi-san too! He is very talented and to say he is so good looking is stating the obvious 🙂

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