Sometimes in our life (or was it most times) we covet things we know we don’t need
These things may not change the course of our daily lives–but will nonetheless make existing with the evil bosses and major dweebs less excruciating.

In my case, this will be it:

Purple batchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company

The purple batchel is the perfect size for Momo (which is yet to have his own bag) and for a journal. I checked the website and learned that the batchel alone would cost me close to PHP7,000 pesos (at 85 pounds), MINUS the delivery cost (if they do ship in Manila).

This is the crap that I get surfing on cool fashion blogs–I get to see things iCovet but can hardly afford! Especially now with Momo’s acquisition, I am down to last hundred pesos I KID YOU NOT! My insurance agent won’t be freaking happy with me this month. (tsk, tsk, tsk…)

But still….

In my head, I imagine carrying the batchel to work, to porma days and even to school when I start my masteral studies in September. I was thinking of ways to get my hands on one. (Hey, MIL in London? I miss you…!) Oh, Momo would be so freaking happy snugly inside.

I really should stop coveting things beyond my resources.

* The Photo is a property of The Cambridge Satchel Company

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