Living with Sayuri, the imperial house cat

Being married for almost two years now and still waiting for the blessing of a child of our own, The Hubby and I have adopted a year ago two foundling kitties which we have rescued from the streets.

We planned on adopting only one, an orange stray which we found crying on the street corner near the highway. We named the kitten Kane–a play on the Filipino word “kanto” (street corner). After bringing the kitten home and placing him in his own box, the hubby went out to buy bread for afternoon snack. When he came back, he was surprised to see two kittens inside the box–a black head was also peering out from the cover of the box, two green eyes looking at him.

Meet our regal house cat, Sayuri

This post is about Sayuri (ๅฐ็™พๅˆ), our spoiled black house cat.

I found Sayuri on the street after I have chased after the husband to remind him to buy butter to complement the bread. Sayuri, a small kitten roughly the size of a small mineral water bottle, was fighting with the neighborhood dog twenty times her size. After I screamed (thus waking the neighborhood hobo sleeping nearby) cos the dog was trying to bite the small cat, I finally managed to pick her up and brought her home.

Imagine the surprise of the hubby who was prepared to take care of one cat but not two small kittens who was barely weaned from their mom. When they were still small, my cats were treated like babies. We bought them vitamins and even tried feeding them milk through vitamin droppers. One time, the Queen and I tried to bathe them on our own. The next day, we were the first two people in line at the Makati Animal Bite clinic to get anti-rabies injections. The two kittens gave up a good fight and bit us a we were trying to bathe them. We became famous at the animal clinic–we were the “two crazy sisters who tried to bathe a cat”

(Note that in the Philippines, it is taboo to even consider bathing a cat. You risk nine-days of rain if you do that. At least, that’s whats the old Filipino superstition believe)

Her initial taste of luxury has spoiled Yuri crazy. She insists on sleeping on our bed and would even hog the pillow. On nights when the hubby is out working (he works in a call center), Yuri would sleep front and center on our tiny bed. I wondered one time on the nature of our human-pet relationship when one night I woke up only to notice that I was on the very edge of the bed, barely holding up while the spoiled house cat was at the middle, soundly asleep and even cuddling my tiny heart-shaped pillow.

Speaking of sleeping, Yuri looks weird sleeping. Her eyes are half-open, mouth slightly ajar, the tip of her tongue visible through her (small, crooked) front teeth. My sister, The Queen, remarked that we looked alike sleeping–I refuse to accept that I look this hella weird sleeping.

Sayuri is not a fussy eater. She likes sweets and would consider the sound of a fresh bag of chips being opened as “paradise”. Her favorite snacks are Cheese Balls, the kind you only get to buy at the local duty free. We once tried feeding her the typical left-over, she looked at us like we were crazy, let out a little huff and refused to eat. Apparently, she wanted the tuna she espied on our cupboard.

I’ve always believed that animals are very perceptive beings. Sayuri knows when we’re out of the house. She has developed a special fondness for the Hubby and would break into a small jog as soon as he espies him coming home. She would look so pleased when we call her “princess” and would reward us with a soft purr. When the hubby and I went to Hong Kong for a short vacation November of last year, Sayuri was pissed. She refused to come near us when we came back, while Kane was already buttering up on the hubby. She only warmed up when she saw the chips we bought from Duty Free–one of them was Cheese Balls.

Supernatural buffs believed that witches had familiars. The hubby believed that Sayuri, the temperamental, imperious house cat was mine. Or maybe, I was her familiar. Sayuri is insanely jealous of anything that would steal our attention away from her. She bullies Kane and refuses to share our bed with him. Kane, being mellow and kind, would only back down and sleep on the floor instead. Her current object of jealousy is Momo (this netbook). When I brought Momo home last night, she looked at it steely before she went to sleep. I woke up at 4AM this morning to see her placing two front paws on top of Momo, with plans on sleeping on top of the netbook.

When I have friends coming over, Sayuri would devise ways to attract attention. She would jump up the lap of my friends (prompting my best friend to scream and almost drop the glass she was holding) then slowly purr, batting her non-existent eye lashes at them. She would then park herself right at the middle of the space we occupy, watching the proceedings like as if she is a queen holding court.

Sayuri–the regal spoiled brat cat. The hubby and I couldn’t imagine life without her (and of course, Kane too).

3 Replies to “Living with Sayuri, the imperial house cat”

  1. I used to adopt every stray cat when I was little. Back then, we used to have around 17. My parents had to give most of them away.

    I believe you can’t own a cat, because she/he will want nothing less but to rule over you. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. 17 cats!?! my sister would die from envy! She loves cats — we have four in the house Sayuri the princess, Kane, Niro and Yumi
      I agree–it’s always the other way around. You don’t own a cat, the cat owns you… ๐Ÿ™‚

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