Momo comes home!

As mentioned on my previous post, I have decided to buy a laptop for blogging and freelance purposes. I have posted my preferences taking into consideration my needs and the amount of money that I am willing to spend.

I have made the mistake of asking an IT friend of mine, who is known for his passionate views on anything PC or anything IT. This friend of mine was particularly a favorite fodder for jokes and side glances–maybe due to his passion when explaining things. Anyway, I made the mistake of asking him via FB to comment on my choices by sending him a link of my blog. Not surprisingly, he came back to me with a decision. He surmised that my choices were all “crap” and mediocre at best. He was livid that I chose to spend money on something that will not last 2 years at best.

This exchange with the IT boy has made me waver on my convictions. I really wanted to get “Momo” this week, otherwise I will end up spending the money I slaved for a month to save. I have a feeling that if I don’t buy my netbook this week, I will never get to buy him at all. So, in short — it’s a matter of now or nevah.

I ended up getting the MSI Wind U130 and so far I am happy with my choice. Actually, this post is now written via Momo. I plan to keep it around for 1-2 years, depending on what happens next.

Momo is named after the character in a Japanese idol drama called “Kimi wa Petto” (You are my Pet). Japanese enthusiasts may notice that they guy who played Momo is the same person who I keep pining after.

4 Replies to “Momo comes home!”

  1. Aww shux I’m too late! I asked Ava (my Tekkie friend) to help me out on this one for you and I just got her reply now…it’s probably not going to matter much but here’s her 2 cents worth:

    “Sorry Fizz, ngayon ko lang binuksan Gmail ko. I’m currently using an MSI Wind lappy pero I’m not quite satisfied with the speakers (a bit basag, needs external speakers), touchpad (it gets greasy after a while) and battery life (I had to buy extra. Lasts me 4 hours, tops). Just in case this breaks down, I’d suggest she gets the ASUS EEE. Although it looks like the model I’d recommend is different from what she’s canvassed, panalo parin ang ASUS. If and when this MSI Wind breaks down, which I have a feeling e matagal tagal pa since hindi naman sha bugbog sarado sakin, I’ve got my eyes set on the ASUS EEE Seashell. Ayun. Hope nakatulong ako hehe and I hope it’s not too late yet :P”

    Apparently, you’re now using the same laptop. =)

    1. Aaaaw…thanks for the effort Fizzy.
      Yeah, looks like Ava and I are using the same laptop brand na. I have to agree with her–the speakers are quite basag and mahina (hence I am using earphones), mabilis maubos ang batt (3 hours tops) and the touch pad leaves me wanting more. But anyway, I am happy with Momo right now cos I am just using him for blogging and surfing. Wala naman ako mashado requirements for him.

      I do agree with Ava that Asus eeePc Seashell looks promising…mejo hindi lang kaya ng budget ko sa ngayon (PHP20T). It’s alright though–Momo is doing very fine. Mukhang matatagalan before I upgrade to “Bito”. Am thinking naman that Momo will be with me for two years tops…

      But heniwey highway — thank you again for taking the time to ask Ava for me. Really, really appreciate it…

  2. Natawa ako sa sinabi mo…”Mukhang matatagalan before I upgrade to Bito” hahaha! Wag ka ng mag-Bito! When you have the money na, diretso na kay Domyoji!

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