KamikazeeGirl at FRESH PRESSED?! Seriously????

Whoa! This is a nice surprise!

Thank you for those who commented and visited my blog. I appreciated each and every comment received. (Oh crap, this is starting to sound like those awfully cheesy, melodramatic acceptance speeches delivered on local award shows)

As someone who used to write for a living, this brings back memories of being published and seeing my name on print. I was fresh out of college when I was hired to be a lifestyle writer in one of the Philippines’ largest publications. Just as the interview was coming to a close, I was asked by the VP for Human Resources why I wanted to be a writer. I answered that I wanted to be just like Louis Lane. (I had a huge, huge, huge crush with Superman aka Clark Kent aka Christopher Reeve). Maybe she was amused because she hired me on the spot. Or maybe they just needed a new writer.

A week on the job, I’ve realized that being a writer doesn’t necessary mean being out covering glamorous events and parties all the time. When you’re doing desk job and not covering events, this meant trawling over piles and piles of press releases and retyping them for publication. While choosing between a press release about a new variant of sanitary napkin and a press release about another shampoo–I told myself that I won’t ever be a paid hack and write PR.

Oh well, waddayouknow, fast forward ten years after that day and here I am writing and doing PR for almost seven years now–and I came to love PR.

My life as a writer extended for only 3 years after university. By then, I have done the rounds when it came to doing beat: I covered Pinoy showbiz (and had to deal with the ego and tantrum of local celebrities) while employed in another publication– the highlight of which is going to the Eat Bulaga! (a local variety show) studios and waiting for this girl group called Sex Bomb Girls for an interview. These girls were hella famous in 2002 and they were known to punctuate their gyrating with “get! get! awwwwwww!” In the same publication, I was also doing beat as a police writer where I hang out on local police precincts and perusing the police blotter for possible stories. In between, I was interviewing local bomba stars (sexy stars).

So–the point of this post? Nothing much–it just felt nice having the same feeling when I saw my first byline.

3 Replies to “KamikazeeGirl at FRESH PRESSED?! Seriously????”

    1. Sure! Thanks for including me in your blogroll 🙂
      Really? Am I the first one? I don’t really know — but if that’s case, wow…it’s HELLA COOL! 🙂

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