If only I wasn’t squeamish about blood, I’d be a CSI by now…

I was discussing with the office mates a few days back about our respective dream jobs. Mine was easy:

a) travel writer
b) high school teacher (fueled long ago by the film “Dangerous Minds”) and lastly;
c) forensics scientist

The two, obviously, I can handle and are attainable at best. The third was something, which I have learned early in life, best delegated to my dreams and could-have-beens. If only I wasn’t squeamish about blood and dismembered body parts, I’d probably bite the bullet and enrolled on a medical or criminology course after getting my broadcast journalism degree. But since, the sight of blood and gore is enough to make me pass out, I had no course but to live my dream through television and through the forensics books which I have accumulated as the years passed by.

So you can just imagine that yesterday was my perfect idea of heaven following the brilliant CSI Crossover Trilogy shown at AXN. As early as 830PM, I am already at home waiting for the trilogy.

The trilogy showed CSI Las Vegas Supervisor Dr. Roy Langston coming to CSI Miami to investigate a case of a missing girl from Nevada whose dismembered body part was recovered in Miami by the team of CSI Miami head Lt. Horatio Caine. After the case in Miami was solved, Dr. Langston had to fly to New York in conjunction with a related case handled by the NY CSI team headed by Det. Mac Taylor. This seemingly linked incidents culminated in Nevada, where the case was finally brought to a close.

The CSI series, a police procedural television series, showed brilliant examination and resolution to unsolved murder cases complete with hip background music, advanced technology and true to life depiction of dead bodies (sometimes in varying level of decay).

As a fan of the show, I can’t help but marvel on how efficient they were in solving crimes–even in cases where it seemed like there is no evidence present. And would often times wonder (aloud, sometimes) on how this kind of technology is not present in my country–apparently, that’s because some of it is yet to be invented–where the incidence of unsolved crimes in high enough to make any citizen paranoid.

My fascination with forensics extended to the kind of books I like to read. I have at home a book on Forensics and Evidence Identification which took me a long time to finish due to the presence of explicit pictures showing dismembered bodies and bloated corpses. But after I got the hang of it–I even resorted to back reading and enjoyed a show at Discovery Channel where they show a “corpse farm” where students study the state of decomposition of dead bodies.

All of these, I could do behind the veil of television shows and books, but in real life—I’d probably pass out before I can even come close to a dead body.

40 Replies to “If only I wasn’t squeamish about blood, I’d be a CSI by now…”

  1. You could have done it…you would have just had to wear padding to protect you every time you fainted. You could have also just carried a lil barf bag with you everywhere with a CSI logo on it to make it look official. Eventually you would have gotten used to it I am sure. πŸ™‚


  2. SO true! I sooo agree with passing out with the real thing, well dead thing. πŸ˜€ COngrats on making Fresh Press.

  3. I have a degree in forensic science and it’s amazing how many people dropped out after you had to fingerprint the corpse. It’s like med school and organic chemistry, they do it to separate the doers from the dreamers. ;).

    If you like forensic science fiction (no pictures) I’m sure you’ve read Jeffrey Deaver, Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell… but in case you haven’t, I would recommend them.

    1. My hats off to you–perpetually peeved!
      Thank you for the recommendations. I’ll definitely check em out!
      Right now, I am more into the serial killer novels like Poppy Z. Brite, etc…

  4. It sounds interesting, but the hours are what would make me steer away from it all. I love my sleep and that kind of work takes away from that. I like shows like the first 48,Crime 360, and anything along those lines. Blood and gore don’t bother me since I’m a huge Saw fan and living in Philly I’ve witnessed someone get shot in broad daylight at the bus stop and saw a dead body before. So I can deal with all that. Nice post.

  5. Hi! Sometimes I’d rather have the broadcast journ degree rather than this MD. I love CSI, too. I’ve even seriously considered being a forensic pathologist! πŸ™‚

    1. Wow!
      You’re an MD?!!!!
      Hat’s off to you! That’s my frustration actually — I would love to be an MD.
      (The thing is–I am just too squeamish about blood and gore) πŸ™‚

      1. I’m envious when I see field reporters in the middle of the action or out of the country, reporting stuff. That used to be my childhood dream e.

        You can still enrol in medschool! The blood and gore will easily lose their novelty… and you can get right down to treating human beings or determine cause of death a la CSI. πŸ˜‰

    1. CSI Miami, of course!
      I don’t know Horatio Caine cracks me up. πŸ™‚
      CSI NY comes a close second!

  6. Haha, I totally agree. If only blood and murder and stuff wasn’t actually so horrifying, I’d be a CSI. πŸ™‚

  7. I can certainly appreciate your “hands off” perspective. At one time, I also considered a career in forensics. Not to show my age, but Quincy was one of the big programs during my “growing up” years. I purchased a copy of Gray’s Anatomy and enjoyed the sciences immensely. Of course prepared samples are much easier to deal with than what we would find in the real world.

    CSI has certainly heightened forensic sciences as a career path for many. Unfortunately, like many, it takes an incredible mind and objective sense to dissociate one’s self from the context of human being to human remains and tissue.

    Fortunately, for those of us who follow these programs, they only engage our visual senses. I’m sure if we truly had full “sensory” capacity TV, we’d be yawning in techni-colour elsewhere in our homes.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  8. This just put me in CSI heaven. Maybe one day they’ll make an uber-crossover, in which a girl who ran from the Bronx to Vegas is found dead in Miami, and she was killed by a serial killer who was in the navy. Then we’d have all three CSIs, NCIS, Criminal Minds and maybe even Covert Affairs if we get lucky.

  9. You know its not Reality when they don’t plug their noses when around a dead body! The smell alone would make one vomit. How do they get use to those smells!? I guess it’s like being a doctor, they eventually get immune to it!

  10. Congratulations…
    Thats both hilarious and touchy…
    The chances are that you may have been one in your past life. Eventually something may have moved you in your career; and hence the liking and scare..
    Just a different take that’s it..

  11. hi ….
    that’s so wonderful and touchy, i love CSI too even i never dream to be a forensic science … i miss Gill Grissom on Las Vegas …
    thanks for sharing this …

  12. I so like the trilogy. I am so into CSI. I have been following the three ever since it started.

    1. yes me to i am following the 3 series the blue NY just like Mac Tylor eyes color, the red Miami just like Horatio Caine hair color and the green Las Vegas just like what i dunno … hahaha

  13. I think that if you’ll put your effort for it you will be able to overcome your fear.
    The naive thing that I repeatedly say to myself while having the same dilemma: “it’s just a stupid fear, an emotion, an excuse not to do anything interesting. it is actually a thought that I can’t do better. So f*ck it!”

    If you will say that to yourself for 15,543 times you’ll actually start to belive in that.

  14. yeah, that trilogy was amazing. i don’t like CSI: NY that much, though, but still.

    i just want cool background music to play whenever i am analyzing materials and thinking really hard.

  15. CSI is practically biblical. There is much to learn. And I have. Where else would you learn about bullet trajectory in such an entertaining way? And it is OBVIOUSLY all very realistic.

  16. I loves me some CSI too!!!

    We share two dreams – to be a Teacher and to be a Forensics Scientist. I also wanted to be a Psychologist. I ended up being an Accountant. hehe

    Now who is your favorite character? Mine is the Lab Tech Hodges. =)


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