A 15-seconder on itchy genitals

I found this by way of TokyoMango and Spoon&Tamago, and this is just to fly to pass up.

Presenting the hottest and most catchy 15-seconder CM in Japan this summer. The product: Delicare M’s soothing cream for itchy genitals.

For your better understanding, here is the translation of the lyrics:

♪ In the summer time our genitals become itchy (itchy)
When they become itchy, use Delicare M’s
[humming humming] it works!
don’t scratch them, use Delicare M’s♪

If you didn’t end up laughing like crazy after playing this on your PC, let me know.

During the course of preparations for a new CM for the kaisha, our Shacho has been telling us (the creatives team) to come up with a commercial that is short (maybe a 15-seconder), simple yet catchy. I now know what he means.

PS: The spread-leg move was classic, it’s basically drilled to my head.

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