Currently searching for a new boyfriend

Moralists, family advocates and well-meaning friends, put down your pitch forks, I have no intention of cheating on The Hubby.

When I mean “new boyfriend”, I do mean it to be Momo. Momo–not Jun Matsumoto Momo–but Momo, my future laptop/netbook which I hope to purchase by end of the week.

With my blogging and the desire to write freelance and do online work, I have finally decided to bite the bullet and finally buy myself a laptop/netbook. This has been long overdue, since a) I am and will always be a writer b) I can’t sleep if I haven’t updated KamikazeeGirl c) I have been receiving freelance inquiries for the longest time evah. Thanks to The Queen, I finally came to terms with what I want and thus will be buying the netbook during the weekend.

Here are the candidates for the “Big Boyfriend Hunt”. Your comments regarding their potential for long-term relationships would be very much appreciated.

Asus eeeeePC 900
MSI WindU130
Neo Edge
Suzuki Neutron 1001

While I would have wanted my boyfriend to be the alpha of all boyfriends–meaning, more of Domyouji than Momo–I would have gotten something from Apple or an HP Mini. But since my budget is something that is worth PHP11,000 to PHP14,999…the above mentioned candidates are the best that I can afford.


(Yes, I managed to post about my MatsuJun in spite the fact that this post is about gadgets)

My requirements for this relationship are not complicated really:
1. It must connect via wifi or the internet at home because it’s primary purpose is for blogging and for online work. Without connection–this relationship would be futile.
2. I should be able to save memories — documents and pics to be exact
3. It should be lightweight enough to be placed inside my huge bags and that it shouldn’t take much of my space
4. Should be sturdy enough to last at least for two years before I can afford my Domyouji
5. Should look good (cos I don’t want a cheap looking boyfriend, right?)

So, if you have any bad experiences with any of the above mentioned candidates, feel free to let me know.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    I’m not a tekkie…but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed how you described one group of gadgets as “momo” (the affordable kind) and as “domyoji” (the apple & hp kind). So cute. Talagang pinilit pa din i-attribute kay MatsuJun. Bow ako sa iyo. =)

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      I am crazy, as in CRAZY, I know!!!

      If the time comes when MatsuJun gets to read my entries, he’d say I’m one crazy fan girl!

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