…where she literally sang like OMG, and where one girl group member shed tears.

picture not mine - from AllKPop

I keep seeing reports and posts of what transpired after Charice Pempengco’s return guesting to Star King. Charice credits “Star King” for introducing her to the international audience–paving the way for her to meet Ellen de Generes, Oprah and her mentor, David Foster. During the said guesting, Luna (a member of the idol group fX) cried after performing and being accidentally (?) pitted with Charice. This of course, sent the internet and idol fan sites aflame and abuzz with speculations on why she cried.

Apparently, it’s either because:
a) she sang the same song before Charice where her performance of course, paled in comparison to Charice’s version. This upset her and made her cry.
b) she was moved to tears due to Charice’s awesome and hair-raising version of the song
c) Luna said something to that effect that “she will also be famous overseas as soon as David Foster hears her sing”. So, sing she did.
d) someone from the audience/the female MC/Sulli (another idol group member) told Luna that she’ll be better off just singing in Korea. This made Luna cry. And this also prompted Charice to say the comforting words she had for Luna at the end.

No, here’s my two cents worth–seeing I am not a Charice Pempengco fan and that I do not know fx or Luna.

First, no one should be made to sing in a duet with Charice Pempengco. Or worse, no one should be made to sing the same song as Charice. Unless that someone is named Mariah Carey, Celine Dion or any other recognized female belter. It’s literally courting comparison and shame, seeing that Charice has a way of putting on really great renditions of songs. The media person in me is suspicious that this is not a coincidence and that the show or the producers deliberately made the poor girl (Luna) sing the same song as Charice, especially after she said that she wanted to be famous internationally too and that she hopes David Foster would discover her too. It’s like giving Luna a taste of the bitter medicine and what’s worse–she was pretty much humiliated on national TV. Because, let’ face it, her voice is not really up to par with Charice and her rendition of the song is “okay” at best. Though, we must realize that the Whitney Houston song is made for “belting”–something which comes naturally for Charice. I also think that both girls have different styles in terms of singing. On that count alone, a comparison is unnecessary since it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Second, I think the person who told Luna that she’s better off just singing in Korea should be made to sing the god-awfully high notes of that Whitney Houston song until her throat runs dry. Not only it is tactless, it is also cruel.

Let me first make something clear. As a Filipino, I couldn’t be more proud of Charice. But why do I find all her performances over the top? On her Sunday variety show here in the Philippines, she is also prone to belting. And I have yet to see her singing “normally”, meaning where she isn’t shouting or belting like crazy. There is no denying that she is hella good–and that no Filipino artist would come close to what she has achieved. Well, except Lea Salonga of course who’s up there among noted Broadway and West End stars. But, it would be refreshing to see Charice sing something mellow for once?

In the end, it’s very gracious and kind of the young Filipina to assuage Luna for the embarrassment she experienced. Charice couldn’t be more right–it’s up to Luna to prove her detractors wrong. Everyone deserved to be successful.