Who is the hotter vampire?

Steffan Salvatore, boy hunk from Vampire Diaries


Eric Northman, hunk and vampire lothario, True Blood

Apparently, the people at NOW! Awards at Comic Con thinks that Steffan has a definite edge against Eric. After all, Steffan won their Sexiest Vampire award. Perez Hilton says so.

Whatever you say, NOW! Awards people. whatever.


4 thoughts on “Who is the hotter vampire?”

  1. On E! news last week..they featured an online poll (or magazine poll, I can’t remember) on who the hottest vampire is. No.3 was Robert Pattinson, No.2 was Brad Pitt and No.1 was David Boreanaz.

      1. No, no, it wasn’t E!’s survey. They reported lang on it, it was someone else’s survey. Parang online ata or magazine survey.

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