Familiarity breeds contempt

Lemme tell you about family dynamics when you live in the Philippines.

Family dynamics in the Philippines is akin to a curse which leeches itself on an individual for as long as she lives.
Here it goes–in the Philippines, children live with their parents even past adulthood, siblings are expected to help each other out never mind if they are 60 or 06 years old and it is not uncommon to be expected to maintain CLOSERELATIONSHIPS with your aunts and uncles and their respective spawns even if you have a family of your own.

This is a rant so forgive me if a part of this post sounds so rude. I assure you, we Filipinos are quite well-bred and I am quite raised well by my parents. But, just because I am raised family-centric doesn’t mean I don’t have my own POV.

For one, I can’t wait till my aunt and her loser son gets out of our house–our house, meaning the house I share with my parents, the same house where I rent a meager space from my folks.While I am paying for the chance to share an address with my folks, my mom’s personal charity case utilizes our utilities, our gas and our electricity FOR FREE. No thanks to my brilliant cousin who had this effing brilliant idea to knock up his girlfriend and depend on the gullibility of his mom and the kindness of his aunt (my mom) to feed his child.

I haven’t been talking to my mom for awhile, simply because her latest charity case is against my principles in all counts.

This is what’s depressing with Filipino family dynamics. We don’t know the word “independence”–it’s almost sacrilegious to say “no” to a family member. So while me and my siblings chose to finish school and find good jobs–my cousins, who also started from the same public school like us, chose to quit school, knock random whores and take advantage on the kindness of clan members. And we are expected to help out cos “you have jobs”

So, I was thinking if this is the way life rolls I should have stopped schooling also and started procreating at fifteen. just so because. Maybe some unfortunate and hapless relative will help me also.

I don’t know who wrote the dynamics on Filipino families cos really wanted to have a nice talk with him. Relatives should stop on really depending on their relatives. They should learn to fend for themselves and make a future for their selves and their families and stop depending on the kindness and gullibility of aunts, cousins and other relatives.

Non-Filipinos with plans of getting married to a citizen of this country, kindly double check your fiance’s family dynamics. Next thing you know, you could be unwittingly sending your cousin’s daughter to school. And you don’t have any say on it.


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