Rui X 2

Sometimes, the Universe has a way of making things both amusing and truly awesome.
Who would have thought that there would come a time when two Ruis will meet?

Shun Oguri attended the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea where his directorial debut “Surely Someday” is also screening. While in Korea, Shun attended a TV show where the Korean Rui, Kim Hyun Joong, was also present. (source)

Obviously, this is just too amusing for words. Not to mention the HOTNESS METER inside the room where the two guys met surely went off the roof (and into the stars). I could imagine the fan girls must have passed out from screaming too much. Cos I have a feeling that should I be present in that room, I would be screaming like a deranged banshee (in honor of Shun Oguri, of course–no offence meant, KHJ fans–but as you know, my heart belongs to the Japanese version of HYD).

In my mind, both piece of hotness would have spoken to each other to compare notes on being Rui (Come to think of it–Do they know how to speak English? In the vid KHJ spoke a little Japanese, so he knows how to speak nihonggo?) And if they did, what did they said to each other?

Shun: Can you still hear yourself think? (amidst screaming and general shrieking)
KHJ: Uh, not really–what about you?
Shun: No…actually I was just lip reading what you’re saying (the screams get louder)
KHJ: Oh, me too!
Shun: I’ve learned early in the business that for moment like these, the best way is just to smile…wave and smile (waves to crowd, smile…then waves again to the crowd)
KHJ: Yeah, point taken…. (waves to crowd, smile…then waves again to the crowd)</ By the way, what was your peg playing Rui? I kinda liked your version…
Shun: Oh, I've read the manga and just thought of how I should play him. He's kinda retarded you know…
KHJ: Oh, I know what you meant. I never get how someone could be so quiet and melancholic. If he was me for real I'd be depressed.
Shun: Exactly. And what's the deal putting up with that jerk, Domyouji anyway?
KHJ: If I was him, I'd punch that jerk in the face

…general screaming continues

The only thing missing in the picture is Vic Zhou and It'll be like Hanazawa Rui Day. Or whatever.


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