Reel Love

Have you been smitten by a character you saw in a drama or a TV show, then got utterly disappointed, heartbroken or uninterested with the real person behind the name and the character when the show finally came to an end?

I did, and until now I keep trying to rack my brains what went wrong and made me totally uninspired with the real person when I was so smitten with his reel persona

It was early in 2009 when I first laid my eyes on him, on a show called “You’re Beautiful”.

His name, Kang Shin Woo.

Oh, he was so worth the adulation. I am a sucker for melancholic, suffering artistes who deign themselves too kind to even hurt the feelings of the ones they love. I love how he was always there for Go Mi Nam/ Mi Nyu on his own unassuming way. I love how he was the complete opposite of the bratty, temperamental leader, Hwang Tae Kyung. I love that he looks so quiet and gentle, yet is always strong and brave. I love that he is a musician through and through. And while Kang Shin-Woo reminds me so much Hanazawa Rui–the calm silence, the unceasing affection–Kang Shin-Woo was simply love.

And then, “You’re Beautiful” ended…and from the shadow of Kang Shin-Woo appeared the real person, Jung Yong-Hwa.

Like the character in the show, he was beautiful and talented. Together with his then-indie band (now one
of Seoul’s hottest acts) CN Blue, he exuded the musicality and genius that was so appealing to the character. The fact that he (as well as the rest of the group) can sing in English has made their music more appealing to fans around the world, other than Seoul. With the debut of CN Blue in their home country came success and recognition to Yong-Hwa and the rest of the boys.

So why do I find it hard to relate to the real person, Jung Yong-Hwa? And why do I badly miss Kang Shin-Woo?

See how exquisite Yong-Hwa is with this new commercial from Sony Ericsson.

Sometimes, that’s the problem with life in celluloid. When the last episode has been filmed and shown, the hype finally ending and the artistes has finally entered new contracts and projects, it was time to finally let go of a character you have grown to love.

And yes, thank you Jung Yong-Hwa for giving life to Kang Shin-Woo. Even for a while.


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