In a nutshell…

The lack of post since Monday was due to the insane schedule I had this week.
That’s the best (and worst?) thing about working for creatives. One day, you could be out of the office the whole day, manning a TVC shoot, the next day — you could be staring at the computer screen, trying to remember things you should be doing for the day.

After the hectic Monday whilst desk-bound, I was literally out of the confines of my desk by Tuesday as part of the team manning the production of my company’s first ever TVC. Here’s some of the pics–though you will have to forgive me as we are still keeping details of the TVC hush-hush. You know, for PR and promotional purposes:

The Creatives Team (we do PR, marketing & all-around Creatives) 🙂
the HAPPY bosses confer regarding frames
before the camera rolls, I catch up on my reading!

I wish I could post pictures of the shoot and some of the behind the scenes photos and videos, but we were advised not to post any kind of picture of the TVC and even our endorser, so as not to preempt the material. As usual, our endorser took our breath away with her beauty, poise and professionalism. She’s just so nice and easy to work with. To think that she’s not feeling well on the day of the shoot–but I tell you, the commercial was the best TVC I’ve seen so far (and not just because I work for the brand).

Then, on Wednesday, I had to rush to Podium, this high-end mall located in Ortigas for a short meeting with the woman behind one of the most visited beauty blog, Earthling Gorgeous. The meeting was held at UCC Coffee–which by the way is my favorite coffee shop and quiet place OF ALL TIME. And you know why?

I’ll tell you. If you live in the Philippines, the foremost thing you will see and notice when you go to your local Starbucks is a crowd or group of people speaking (LOUDLY) in their fake American twang while discussing their latest acquisitions: new gadgets, fashionable clothes, shoes or relationships. In a nutshell, what they discuss and how they speak is NONE of your business really, in spite the fact that the verbs and nouns were killing each other BUT the fact that the peace and relaxation usually associated with having coffee is now a thing of the past. No thanks the loud discussion, shrieking and general carousing that would wake even the dead.

I don’t know if this is common in other countries as well where coffee shops abound, or this is just something you see here in Manila. Anyway, as I mentioned, I am so in-love with UCC Coffee, due to the sumptuous desserts (OMG, have you tried their carrot cake?) as well as the atmosphere which basically leaves you at peace with your thoughts.

The only bummer yesterday was the fact that I had to go back the office in the middle of the pouring rain which, here in Manila is already synonymous to doomsday. Cabbies start sprouting horns, the streets get clogged with vehicles, traffic becomes bad and your life becomes hell as you know it.

Anyway, am back to my desk again. A piece of tranquility–yet tomorrow, another round of meeting begins. My life, in a nutshell.

2 Replies to “In a nutshell…”

  1. I agree on UCC being the most peaceful coffee shop in manila! I went there for my birthday and I swear you could hear a needle drop…not that I’m complaining. Too bad there aren’t that many of them around. It’s a great place to read a book & have coffee at the same time.
    I didn’t have the carrot cake but I did have this other heavenly’s some kind of raspberry cake with white chocolate icing all over. Yum!

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