It’s the end of Jin Akanishi for KATTUN

Somehow, I could feel millions of fangirls’ hearts breaking with the recent announcement of Jin Akanishi’s departure from KAT-TUN.
I am copying a report from TokyoGraph, announcing the departure of the A from the (formerly) six-member group:

KAT-TUN’s Jin Akanishi (26) will officially graduate from the group later this year, it has been announced. KAT-TUN held a concert at the Tokyo Dome on Friday night, and Johnny’s Jimusho president Johnny Kitagawa spoke to the press there on the same day. He said that the final decision will be made after Akanishi’s U.S. tour this fall, but at this point it appears to already be guaranteed.

Since May, Akanishi has been in the United States, working on his solo career. He performed concerts in Los Angeles in June, and he has scheduled a 7-city tour for September and October. Kitagawa also revealed that Akanishi is already planning further concerts for 2011. Meanwhile, KAT-TUN has been continuing as a 5-member group, just as they did when Akanishi temporarily left in 2006 to study abroad.

Kitagawa explained that right now, the focus is only on Akanishi becoming successful in the U.S. He said that it would be too soft on Akanishi to let him return to KAT-TUN as a fallback if he doesn’t succeed. It would also be unforgivable to KAT-TUN fans to have Akanishi dragging the group on, or returning the same way he did in 2007.

Kitagawa once again assured fans that KAT-TUN is not breaking up. Although the group’s name is based on the initial characters of the members’ names, it is said that Akanishi’s “A” will be replaced by extending Kazuya Kamenashi’s “K” to “KA.” There are no plans to bring in a new member, as Kitagawa stated that there is no need to have six people in the group. He said that the five remaining members are currently doing fine without Akanishi.

What could I say, but offer my heartfelt sympathies, if that is even possible. I wouldn’t be a jerk and say that KAT-TUN….er, should I say, KaT-TUN would go on without Jin. OF COURSE, they would go on and prosper with their career. But the fact is that one of the guys is leaving and saying things would be okay , could it even lessen the pain that KAT-TUN fan girls are feeling right now?

My point of view is this: time will eventually heal all wounds. The boys, individually, were all talented and committed to their respective careers–this has been very obvious from the beginning. The fact that Jin is now pursuing his solo career and that the boys are working very hard with their latest release should be enough for the fans to continuously support the group. IF THERE’S EVER A TIME THAT THESE BOYS NEED THEIR FANS, THAT IS NOW.

Maybe, the point of this happening is for the boys to grow–I mean they couldn’t be in a group forever, right? Groups splitting up is part of the INEVITABLE. Somehow, someway–it’s bound to happen. Of course, I am being brave here saying all these, but imagine this happening to my Arashi. (shudder) To say that I would be devastated is an understatement. Damn, I’d freaking wear black for two weeks if that happens. (Knock on wood…)

But the thing is–and which I have been pointing out for sometime–the boys will have to grow. They will have to pursue things that they are happy doing, things that they’d want to do and prosper. Maybe the old man (Johnny-san) had a point: it’s too soft for Jin to be pursuing a solo career, then go hightailing it to his comfortable home called KAT-TUN when things doesn’t work out. May I also point out that it’s also unfair for the five other boys who I am sure has given it their heart and soul to ensure that the group remains on top even if one of them is absent?

I know we Johnny fans always assume that Johnny-san will always be the devil in our pretty boys’ lives (with all these gossip and more…) But–what if the old man knows what he’s doing? After all, he’s been in the business for time immemorial and he was the one who gave us boys.

My only wish is that wherever his dreams may take our Jin, the lovable Bakanishi, may he remain strong. May his solo act find success. And that may his success gives his happiness. The same goes for KAT-TUN who has remained steadfast in their career and their success.

As for me, whose world revolves around my Stormy boys, I do remember one time when a peek on Jin’s lips has made me temporarily sin against my MatsuJun:



3 thoughts on “It’s the end of Jin Akanishi for KATTUN”

  1. I commented on this over at the Tokyograph forums.

    KAT-TUN will be fine w/o Jinny, in fact, now they have a clear leader in Kame. For a long time now anyways I’ve had this feeling that Jinny would be better as a solo artist, I would just rather he gather his efforts to make it standalone in Japan first. I also have a slight inkling this whole American thing is kinda a cover-up to make Jin’s departure from the group all a bit easier to take in for the fans. I will miss all the slashy Akame moments but this is definitely a good thing for everyone involved.

    And I absolutely agree w/ you- this is the time for the fans to unite & support. Can’t wait to hear what the band members have to say, too.

  2. That’s not nice, I would be happy for Jin to came back to Japan and stays with his group…It’s sad without him……I can’t believe that my favorite band is going to lose one person…..we fan have to support the band and Jin I wish Jin dicided to came back…..much support, well that’s was just my opinion…Cause if someone is not at home wouldn’t you miss him or her? That’s just how they will or we will miss Jin when he’s not around the group anymore…much love…….

    1. I know and understand what you mean Acheni…
      As I mentioned in the post, I maybe too brave to saw this NOW but if ever (knock on wood) one of the boys from Arashi announced that one of them is leaving– I WILL BE DEVASTATED TOO you know. The point is, I know this is not the ideal situation for any fan, when their favorite group breaks up or loses a member…but the point of my post is that it is now that these boys needed you and other fans the most.
      It really doesn’t feel right when you’re missing a member. but for now, while Jin is doing his thing–the best that we can do is to support them wholeheartedly and send them our prayers and wishes…
      Thank you for visiting Acheni. Please feel free to comment when you see fit.
      Much, much love…

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