A case of serving too many masters?

My friends, family and even my Hubby knows how much I freaking love Jay Chou. I’d fight tooth and nail defending my belief that he is the most prolific song writer of modern mando-Pop. That nothing could be more refreshing in my bare Asian pop taste back then than the genius fusion of traditional Chinese instruments with Jay’s wicked styling on the piano. That only a few can rival his flair for lyrics and catchy beats. To me, Jay Chou is a modern genius–someone whose musicality could lead a fan to write incoherent mumblings and ramblings on their respective blogs (*ehem*). I was so in awe of him that just hearing the opening strains of “Jian Dan Ai” and “Fa Ru Xue” is enough to bring effing tears to my effing eyes. For this fan, Jay Chou could do no wrong.

That is, apparently, before he started toying with the idea that he too, could act

How do I put this delicately without inciting an inquisition? Jay Chou as an actor–in all its intent and purposes–just doesn’t do it for me.

I could probably ignore his movie debut, where he starred in the live action version of Initial D. Honestly, the tofu he was supposed to be delivering in the movie is more alive than he was. All through the movie, Jay…my beloved Jay maintained one expression–a mix of boredom and amusement that should be copyrighted. But it was okay, after all–it was the time when I was obsessed with car racing and drifting, to think I don’t even have my own car. It was okay, the sound track (released as Initial J) was enough to make me happy and giddy. For all that was lacking in Jay as an actor, it was succinctly compensated by the soundtrack.

Buoyed by this success, Jay had his directorial debut with “The Secret”. Again, the acting bore me to tears. The saving grace was the wicked piano battle between Jay and one of the students. I was hoping he could take the hint by then that he couldn’t act let alone deliver a movie that is believable and coherent. Apparently, I was wrong again. I won’t even start on your role for the “Curse of the Golden Flower”.

But are these enough to make me give up my love for this genius? Not really. I was that committed, Jay!

But this recent news about him wanting to host his own show made me scratch my head. Watcha gonna do, Jay? Mumble your way through the rest of the show for the whole hour? Oh, why do you keep on doing things that would lead to below-stellar results? You are a great musician, Jay…can’t you freaking just stay as one? Dammit, I’d probably go to hell and back, hexing those who laugh at your acting skills and for those who diss you for trying to be a freaking hypenate. But my willpower and love alone couldn’t stop those less than stellar reviews you know?

My only wish is that you’d go back and stop serving all these masters: music, film, television — stick to that one thing that no one can compare to your genius and talent. After all, it is in music that you–our Jay–will always reign supreme.

3 Replies to “A case of serving too many masters?”

  1. That is, apparently, before he started toying with the idea that he too, could act.
    ^^*nods head furiously* Could not agree more. There is no questioning the man’s musical genius but Jay Chou as an actor = lmao X 100 million percent.

    I didn’t notice it SO much in Initial D because he was surrounded, supported & saved by that pretty flashy cast; but in The Curse Of The Golden Flower, my eyes were well & truly made wide open (& not in a good way. Heck, actually, that entire film was a bit of a fizzle.) Period dramas/movies really separate the good from the bad to the fuureaking ugly. And then Kung Fu Dunk. The Treasure Hunter… *shakes head*

    It’s natural for people who are so creatively gifted to want to explore & challenge their limitations in all areas of art so I guess I don’t condemn him for giving it a go. But it does take a rare freak of nature to be truly superb at both singing & acting. I’m not sure if you are familiar w/ them but the only names I can think of who fall into this elite category are the late Leslie Cheung & Anita Miu (who were both Hong Kong artists.)

    Jay Chou’s hosting bug thing is news to me, but hey, if someone wants to fund the show, then let them go for it. Maybe it’ll work, ne?

    If it doesn’t, then well, we can just stick his CD in, crank it up & pretend like it never happened xD

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