This Jay Park is growing on me

Who is this dude, Jay Park and what’s he up to lately?
Cos he is effing growing on me and I am starting to really like the way he sings and performs.

Check out his version of B.O.B’s “Nothing on You” and get back to me if he isn’t hot…

I do know that he used to be the leader of this Korean idol group called 2PM and that he quit the group and went back to the States after this scandal about the things he said on “MySpace”. Apparently, he was so sad and alone when he first went to Korea and this sadness has made him post a lot of negative stuff on his personal space. Stuff, that obviously went public, just when he became famous with 2PM.

Anyways, he is now a solo artist and his version of “Nothing on You” on YouTube has garnered millions of views around the world that he decided to make a full blown video and EP for his version of the song. And based from the results (see above video), it might be that leaving his former group and going back in the States might be the best thing he did in terms of furthering his career.

There’s been quite a buzz on his post-2PM career such as HypeNation, b-boying and then there’s this sold out fan meets, which he all did on his lonesome. So, judging from these–must I be bold and say that a person of true talent is really hard to put down?. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure his former group 2PM, is a talented (and adorable) lot and they too have their own achievements–but what if this is really what’s meant to be? Jay with his solo career and the rest as a group.

I mean, a true fan (meaning: someone who really cared for the talent, artistry and not just cos they look effing hot) wouldn’t mind supporting both, right? Thing is, I am not really familiar with 2PM and Jay Park before –as they are just some of the numerous names I encounter when surfing the net — and as much as I believe they are a group of talented men, I will have to be honest that and say that it’s Jay’s solo efforts that made me took notice. I am just happy that he’s no longer with that dude JYP’s management (I think this is the same guy who manages the phenomenal Wonder Girls) cos–speaking as a mere observer–that dude really looks sleazy at best. (Notice how his mug is always included in all of Wonder Girls’ videos? But I digress…)

Anyway, still not sure on this new interest with the dude Jay Park. But then again, if ever I saw another vid with him dancing, while singing really fly — I might reconsider my alliance. And oh Mr. Park, a simple suggestion, taking your top off wouldn’t be such a bad idea 🙂

4 Replies to “This Jay Park is growing on me”

    1. I know right?
      He has lots of better pics than the one in this blog
      But check out the way he performs! 🙂

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