A fitting welcome for the brave Dutch

In spite their heart-breaking loss to Spain, the Dutch team arrive home with much-fanfare and the well-deserved love and respect of their countrymen.

The Dutch team welcomed at the Tarmac

The KLM Boeing 777 was escorted into Dutch airspace by two F-16 fighter jets (one painted Orange) and met with a ceremonial spray of water cannons upon arrival at the tarmac.

courtesy of Getty images

While the warm display of support has lifted the team’s spirits, their loss to Spain remains raw for the team.

from Getty Images

Post-script on my World Cup viewing
Oh no, it seems I am slowly turning into a football fanatic after all those sleepless nights I spent watching after Japan and Spain. Now, midnights doesn’t seem so exciting anymore without World Cup. And since the next World Cup is still four years away, I pray I will be effing rich by that time so I can haul my ass to Brazil to cheer on my teams personally.

Before, I really do not have the patience to wait for these guys to FINALLY score. I mean, unlike basketball or boxing (which are both big here in PH), it really takes a long time for a team to score (if the team is really good). At first, I ended up sleeping right at the middle of an exciting match — but eventually, I too was caught up with the intensity of the match (and the number of hot guys on the field!)

My only sense of worry is where will I get to catch my favorite players like Honda and Tulio (JPN) and Xavi (Spain)? And where can I get football jerseys–in blue and red of course.

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