Seriously! Do you think Arashi needs a tutorial on picking up chicks?

Saw this news here, and all I could say was…


I do know that most Japanese TV shows are funny this way, but the thought just makes me go “ehhhhh?”

DO YOU THINK THESE GUYS…these lust-inducing, google-eye faring, heart-breaking, five-man group STILL NEED LESSONS WHEN IT COMES TO PICKING UP GIRLS?

These guys could probably get any girl they want without even doing anything, or maybe even without batting an eyelash. In my mind, the boys could probably say something innocuous, like say “Please hand me my easel”, “Do you think this shirt looks good on me”, or maybe even “See you at the concert” — and girls would swoon, faint . Hell, in my book and if only I AM NOT MARRIED — if that MatsuJun would even dare as wink at me, I’d renounce my name and follow him to the ends of the earth.

(Hey Hubby, I did mention that this is a joke right?)

For sure, this upcoming episode of “Arashi ni Shiyagare” (Nihon TV) would be fun and scream-inducing. Just imagining these boys trying out their “pick-up” lessons has made me swoon, even as I sat dumbly here in front of the kaisha-owned PC. I could just picture millions of fan girls swooning in unison as the boys (pretend?) fumbled, shyly tried the known pick-up moves in the guy rule book– the same pick-up moves I am sure they have no need of.

In my mind….
Me: “Jun-kun, I would love to have a cup of that green-colored tea”
Jun: “My KamikazeezGirl, for you…I could give the world….”

toink! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Seriously! Do you think Arashi needs a tutorial on picking up chicks?”

  1. can you imagine matsujun saying, “so, what’s your sign? do you come here often?” if it were me, my answer would be, “yes jun-ku, i will marry you! i’ll be your slave for life!”

  2. Hey you are going to have to fight me for Jun-kun xP

    I saw this news somewhere too & was like, major lmao.

    Seriously, all Junny would have to do is show up in front of my face & I would give him my soul lol

    But I suppose for the average citizen, he may just need to give them THAT look he gives to all his leading women & they’ll be his (OMG, have you seen the trailer for his new series w/ Takeuchi Yuko??? W/ all the popcorn eating??? *fans self*)

    Random, but the tea thing here reminds me of Jiro in Hana Yori Dango ❤

    1. @Jicks, I have a feeling we need to line up (on a very long queue indeed) before we even reach the finals for Jun’s heart 🙂
      Oh, may the best girl win! 🙂

  3. Maybe the best girl win!
    ^^Bring it! lol I’m more than willing to give it my best shot… ;OO *stars jumps* *winds arms up* *flexes muscles* Okay, I’ma ready now! xD

    Btw, how & when did you first catch the Jun-fever??

    1. @jicks – *flexes muscle* am ready for you! 🙂 lol
      hmmmn…when did i first fell in love with MatsuJun? Gokusen days, no doubt! I can’t even mention the name “Sawada Shin” without breaking into a stupid grin (lol)
      Till now, I think Sawada Shin is my most fave Jun-kun character, next of course is Domyouji and third, “Ban Shogo”

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