Kim HyunJoong fans before you misconstrue this post as a hit against your idol, may I invite you to read the whole thing first before you pelt me with his CDs and attack me with your sticks?

Granted that KHJ has the face that could probably launch a thousand ships, naaay even maybe a whole freaking battalion in EACH and EVERY country and that maybe his gaze alone could make anyone forget her name, religion and her whole freaking family history. (To prove the point, try looking at above picture for like three minutes–let me know if you weren’t sucked in yet by such beauty).

BUT This creature of beauty has also managed to butcher the character of Hanazawa Rui on the Korean remake of Boys Before Flowers. Hanazawa Rui the character that invokes too much pain and melancholy just by being present on screen (thanks to the brilliant portrayals of Vic Zhou and Shun Oguri) has simply turned retarded/catatonic on the Korean version no thanks to the beautiful KHJ.

And now, according to Dramabeans, he has been chosen to play the male lead for the Korean remake of It Started With a Kiss/Itazura na Kiss — can we finally expect for KHJ to churn out a brilliant portrayal and erase our disappointment on his not-so-stellar turn at BOF?


The role of the male lead, Jiang Zhi Shu/Naoki Irie (Michael in the Philippines), was very multi-layered in terms of his quirks and personality. He is considered aloof, very intelligent yet caring and at times funny. Joe Cheng’s portrayal on the Taiwanese drama, It Started With A Kiss, has given much depth to the character that it’s such a shame if this will all go for naught on the Korean remake.

A part of me wants to believe that KHJ has still lots to learn and still has a potential to improve his craft as an actor. His role in BOF is his first yet, following his turn on the idol scene. To cast him off as an idol-who-cannot-act is simply unfair and judgmental. It’s now up to him if he wants to be taken as a serious actor who can dish any role and not just a pretty face. After all, he has the support of millions of his fans–everyone, which I am sure, is looking forward to cheering him on not just because he looks good but also because he acts DAMN pretty well.

For now, I will wait for the Philippine airing of this show with bated breath and with good vibes–wishing all the lucky stars that this time, Kim Hyun-Joong will not disappoint.