Kim Hyun-joong is hooot, but…can he act?

Kim HyunJoong fans before you misconstrue this post as a hit against your idol, may I invite you to read the whole thing first before you pelt me with his CDs and attack me with your sticks?

Granted that KHJ has the face that could probably launch a thousand ships, naaay even maybe a whole freaking battalion in EACH and EVERY country and that maybe his gaze alone could make anyone forget her name, religion and her whole freaking family history. (To prove the point, try looking at above picture for like three minutes–let me know if you weren’t sucked in yet by such beauty).

BUT This creature of beauty has also managed to butcher the character of Hanazawa Rui on the Korean remake of Boys Before Flowers. Hanazawa Rui the character that invokes too much pain and melancholy just by being present on screen (thanks to the brilliant portrayals of Vic Zhou and Shun Oguri) has simply turned retarded/catatonic on the Korean version no thanks to the beautiful KHJ.

And now, according to Dramabeans, he has been chosen to play the male lead for the Korean remake of It Started With a Kiss/Itazura na Kiss — can we finally expect for KHJ to churn out a brilliant portrayal and erase our disappointment on his not-so-stellar turn at BOF?


The role of the male lead, Jiang Zhi Shu/Naoki Irie (Michael in the Philippines), was very multi-layered in terms of his quirks and personality. He is considered aloof, very intelligent yet caring and at times funny. Joe Cheng’s portrayal on the Taiwanese drama, It Started With A Kiss, has given much depth to the character that it’s such a shame if this will all go for naught on the Korean remake.

A part of me wants to believe that KHJ has still lots to learn and still has a potential to improve his craft as an actor. His role in BOF is his first yet, following his turn on the idol scene. To cast him off as an idol-who-cannot-act is simply unfair and judgmental. It’s now up to him if he wants to be taken as a serious actor who can dish any role and not just a pretty face. After all, he has the support of millions of his fans–everyone, which I am sure, is looking forward to cheering him on not just because he looks good but also because he acts DAMN pretty well.

For now, I will wait for the Philippine airing of this show with bated breath and with good vibes–wishing all the lucky stars that this time, Kim Hyun-Joong will not disappoint.

9 Replies to “Kim Hyun-joong is hooot, but…can he act?”

  1. lol I think the answer to your title question is… TBA.

    I don’t think Hyun Joong was terrible in BOF, but I definitely agree he does have alot of room for improvement. Regardless of his semi-wooden acting, I still ended up fangirling after JiHoo sunbae- I think this role was written to his benefit, tailor-made you may say. He didn’t have to do much but occasionally flash his beautiful smile & that was enough for me xD

    As for Jiang Zhi Shu- you’re right. Joe nailed this role. He captured all the traits of the character that you mentioned, all whilst maintaining a v. high level of hotness ;O I don’t think Hyun Joong will be able to “top” Joe Cheng per se by emulating the character, so hopefully he will interpret the role his own way.

    *fingers crossed*

    BTW, nice blog :))

    1. @Jicks, we meet again though I doubt you’re happy to ‘see’ me again.
      If only everyone was as objective as you and strangevision..
      I’ve been getting a lot of backlash regarding my petition on my blog.

      I definitely hope to be proven wrong. I’m hoping that he’ll amaze me so much that I’ll buy all Mischievous Kiss memorabilia. Maybe if I lowered my expectations a little, I’d be more satisfied with his performance. Now, I’m not really expecting him to outdo Joe but hopefully he’ll do a good job..

      1. Heya, glad you remember me ;O (I was giving out a mouthful, ne? lol) Contrary to your comment, I actually, I don’t mind running into you again ^_^ I know you are must be getting alot of backlash but at least you are passionate about the whole thing. If people didn’t have expectations, then actors will always take the cruisey way out & we will never see improvement.

        There are many fangirls out there who will blindly support their idols irrespective of their actual ability so never mind these girlies’ opinions, I say. But at the opposite end of the spectrum, I don’t think anyone should be too harsh against any actor before they have a go. When they’re done & dusted, & they clearly sucked, go hard for it then lol (believe me, I’ve publicly ranted about the whole Boys Over Flowers series on my blog ><;)

        I used to get v. upset when I heard news of my favourite shows/movies being remade as well but I've realised that the best way to approach these things is to just let it be. When they screw it up, it's always a fricking good laugh & then your love & appreciation for the original grows even more xDD

        So, yeah, hopefully Kim Hyun Joong will pleasantly surprise us all *fingers crossed* Not that I am thinking anyone could top Joe Cheng, but I never thought anything could top Jerry Yan & Vic Zhou in Meteor Garden but then, along came MatsuJun & Oguri Shun xDDDDDD Oh my *manically flashes F4 banner*

      2. @Jicks… Gosh, someone just made a really sexist comment. Ruffled my feathers.

        You understand that I’d be more than delighted to be proven wrong.

        I don’t know.. I want proof that Kim Hyun Joong will play this character well.
        Your comments made me consider the option that I should just wait it out.. and stop what I started. But then, I’ll never really know what could have been.
        You know, I’m pretty certain that this petition won’t affect Group 8’s decision for KHJ to play the lead. So, why bother right? Maybe I want Group 8 to wake up and realise how serious this is. Like you said, idol dramas are actually okay if they’re done well. But, from what I’ve seen of Group 8, they seem to be settling for something that’s not great and not bad. When we lower our expectations, most of the time, we’ll produce something that’s mediocre. I can’t laugh. Whenever a remake is bad, I can’t laugh. I can’t cry either. How I wish I was like you and strangevision. I wish I could let go of it. Tried to but then just ended up more disappointed. Hoping that Kim Hyun Joong will make me eat my words and make me bow in response to his performance.

  2. i will not argue with you on his prettiness…the dude is more beautiful than some of the women i know…and that’s just when i saw him from waaay up in the upper B section of the araneta coliseum!

    though i loved bof..yeah, i must agree that rui seems more different in the anime and in matsujun’s hyd. but khy is still young so there’s room to grow. (did i mention he’s an awesome dancer?)

    i’m currently watching lee min ho’s “personal preference” (though the title on the cd says “perfect”)…i know he’s no matsujun for you, but the show is pretty cute & funny. he doesn’t pretend to be gay pala there…several circumstances lang that the other characters witness make them assume he’s gay…it’s quite enjoyable. =)

  3. FYI, in the manga.. Rui has Asperger syndrome, so if you think KHJ makes Ji Hoo looks retarded in the drama, that means he’s done his job well. It’s just that the scripting for the Taiwanese & Japanese versions did not give too much screen time to Rui while the Korean one made him into almost into a 2nd lead hero. I’m not complaining though coz I’m not that into the Makino/Jan Di – Domyouji/Jun-Pyo romance.. don’t like how he treats her, is all. Personally, I think Jan Di and Jun-Pyo have this masochist-sadist relationship with one abusing the other and calling it love. Anyway.. looking forward to KHJ’s new drama..

    1. I’d just like to clarify that Rui HAD Asperger syndrome. It was a condition that hampered him as a child, & it was Shizuka had helped & guided him out of it. As an (young) adult, his character is just laidback & prefers to stay out of other people’s business but that doesn’t equate to him still suffering from the disorder.

      I agree that the BOF definitely amplified the role of Ji Hoo but I was okay w/ that. I would actually argue that he was “the better man.” ^_^

      I also agree about Joon Pyo & Jan Di’s relationship… I honestly questioned myself if they were truly in love -_-;

      1. I’m sorry, but as someone with Aspeger’s, I’d just like to point out that you odn’t just STOP having Aspeger’s. Being ‘guided out’ of Aspeger’s is more like being taught to cope with it and handle social situations better. But, regardless of how well you cope, you will still always have it and you will remain more likely to find difficulty in normal social situations than some other people. You don’t get rid of Aspeger’s, that’s a load of bollocks. It’s a permanent thing, it just depends on how you cope with it. As such, the fact that HyunJoong would have still portrayed the character as an Aspie makes sense.

  4. Thank you for all your amazing comments. Honestly, I have no idea why it took me a long time to post a reply. Well first (and honestly), I have nothing to contribute much to the discussion, having watched KHJ once, found him lacking in the acting department…and just gave up. Maybe I don’t give him much credit for, hence I never got to enjoy his other dramas. To me, he is just the beautiful guy I see in The Face Shop boutiques here in Manila. I am sure he has improved since his turn as Rui but maybe I was just so unfair being so fixated on Oguri Shun and Vic Zhou’s performances.

    Jicks, I agree that Jihoo was promoted/portrayed in BOF as the better man — but correct me if I am wrong, isn’t this the usual premise in all 3 versions. Jihoo/Rui/Lei has always been the better fit for Makino/JanDi/Shan Cai — but well, apparently love knows no reason 🙂 Hence the weird, funny, crazy love story she shares with Domyouji/Dao MingSui/JunPyo.

    Girls, thanks for the brilliant responses on this post. Learned a lot from your discourse actually! 🙂

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