I solemly swear that I am up to no good!

Saw this line as part of the entry of one of the amazing J-based blogs I discovered today.
So, Jen please do indulge me and if I may borrow your opening line….

take a map to my twisted mind!

This best describe my current state of mind these past few days.
I pretty much reigned in my inner bitch for the last nine months that I was part of my current company. I mean I don’t have any need for it, and what I show here is pretty much a quarter of who I was. Do not get me wrong, majority of the people I work with are amazing human beings (thank you very much!). I am the oldest in our team yet I have much to learn from these kids–especially the artists in terms of what really looks great on paper as compared in theory.

My work–while it has its downside–has many upsides. I wouldn’t be the angry ingrate spouting venom for a company who restored me back to health and literally vanished all the psychotic tendencies I’ve incurred from my last gig. The pay may be the same from what I was getting from my previous work, but hey–I know it will improve if I stay long enough.

meet my new bestfriend

What is the bone of my contention is this one FREAKING troll who is the bane of my existence and that of my team. This troll never fail to make our blood boil due to the creature’s constant meddling. It’s like this troll wants to improve that it exists and with us suffering in the process. I always tell myself that I am already too old for this game. In fact, I am quite confident with what I have achieved in my 10 year career. I have been with too many places, and seen quite a lot in my life and truth be told–I am just to old for the troll’s shit. It’s not even worth my while but my masochistic tendencies allows me to revel in from time to time.

The fact that I indulge the troll is charity on my part, really.

So yeah, these days I am up to no good most of the time. I don’t care if anyone gets offended just because I refuse to put up with crap. I am too old to partake in someone’s ego bending booster. Feed me crap then I’ll make sure you get your end of the shitty bargain. I am here for my sake and my family’s sake. I am not here to be a mentor or anyone’s blindly-loyal best friend. I’ll tell you if you are a world class moron…

And yes, TROLL — you take the cake for the world’s biggest attention-hungry moron!


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